Cenquest to Provide e-Learning Component of Trium Executive MBA Program

August 3, 2001

Cenquest, the leading provider of corporate-customized e-learning degree programs, has announced that it is providing the e-learning component for TRIUM, the world’s first truly global MBA program. The e-learning portion of the program will be used as a “home base” for students and will serve to complement the face-to-face components of the education experience.

The original announcement of TRIUM made headlines this past October as three world-renowned universities — New York University Stern School of Business (NYU Stern), the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and HEC Paris, Graduate Business School (HEC Paris) – announced their unique alliance and plans to offer a first-of-its-kind MBA degree that provides an educational experience unparalleled in the area of global business.

Cenquest’s role as TRIUM’s exclusive e-learning partner highlights the company’s leadership position in the emerging corporate e-learning space as well as the critical role that e-learning will play in this pioneering global executive MBA program.

The first TRIUM students will attend classes in five key learning locations around the world, including London, Paris, New York, Hong Kong and Sao Paulo. Over half of the students’ time will be spent in live classroom situations, while the remaining time will be spent participating in professor-mediated e-learning communities. This web-based collaboration and communication component will serve as the “home base” for both students and instructors and provide participants with an easily accessed platform for sharing thoughts and ideas, accessing coursework and engaging in classroom exercises.

“The integration of e-learning is an important factor in making this enormous project logistically feasible,” said Neil Gregory head of research and project development for the London School of Economics and member of the TRIUM coordinating committee. “The TRIUM student body is made up of working executives who must balance their educational activities with their day-to-day work projects. The e-learning component of the program will help minimize office disruption and provide students the flexibility to do much of their work whenever and wherever they find it most advantageous.”

“Like TRIUM, Cenquest is pushing the envelope in the area of corporate degree programs,” said LaVonne Reimer Young, CEO of Cenquest. “We are finding e-learning to be a critical component in the development and success of global programs such as TRIUM as well as other areas such as company-customized degrees and executive training. It’s exciting to be working together with an organization that shares a vision for what is possible and a tenacity to make it happen.”


TRIUM is the first executive MBA program to provide an authentically global educational curriculum, made possible through a unique alliance among three world-renowned universities, NYU Stern (New York), LSE (London) and HEC Paris. TRIUM is carefully designed to arm today’s high potential business executives with the latest knowledge, know-how and network to compete successfully in today’s business arena. TRIUM is designed to provide corporations with a valuable professional development opportunity for their top employees, help firms retain their most talented people and position companies for successful global business leadership and expansion. For more information on TRIUM, call (212) 998-0442 in the U.S. or 33 1 39 67 70 97 in Europe or visit www.triumemba.org.

About Cenquest

Cenquest is one of the only e-learning companies to offer corporations university degree programs and other university courses that have been customized to meet company-specific needs. Cenquest’s online classes provide working professionals a flexible learning experience that can be used as a complement to traditional classroom learning. Cenquest courses are highly interactive, instructor-mediated and event driven. They offer the interactive element of traditional classes through online discussions and collaboration between students and faculty. Cenquest also offers a full range of necessary support and delivery services required to enable e-learning events, including faculty support and training, student registrations and tracking, and event management and hosting. For more information about Cenquest call (503) 276-7900.