Cenquest Delivers Online Master’s Degree Program For New Ohsu/Ogi Merger

October 16, 2001

PORTLAND, OR – October 16, 2001 – Cenquest announced it is delivering the first e-learning courses being offered by the new OGI School of Science & Engineering at Oregon Health & Science University. The recently announced merger between OGI and OHSU is intended to provide a unique academic environment focused on the growing association between electronics, information technology, and the health science fields. The first OHSU/OGI classes began September 24 and will include e-learning options that will extend the university’s reach to potential students worldwide.

Students may enroll in a single accredited online class or participate in the online degree program that culminates in a Master of Science in Management in Science and Technology. The MST degree addresses business knowledge essential to technology companies, and is intended to prepare managers and engineers with the training they need to tackle the business issues facing technology companies today.

Cenquest originally developed and offered the courses in conjunction with OGI prior to its merger with OHSU. The company’s continued work with OHSU/OGI highlights Cenquest’s ongoing interest and success in partnering with leading colleges and universities offering innovative and industry-leading programs.

“The significance of the OGI/OHSU merger cannot be understated,” said Cenquest CEO LaVonne Reimer Young. “OHSU’s expertise in medical research and the health sciences is second to none. OGI’s expertise in technology and engineering is widely acclaimed. Bringing these two disciplines under one roof provides a central headquarters for research that holds enormous promise for biotechnology, biomedical engineering and related fields. Cenquest’s role as an OHSU/OGI e-learning partner is to help this important research university extend its reach throughout Oregon and around the world.”

“We have worked closely with Cenquest to ensure that the e-learning component of our courses and degree programs provide the educational experience appropriate for such a monumental endeavor,” said Ed Thompson, OHSU vice president and dean of the OGI School of Science & Engineering. “Given the growing interest in the converging technology and medical science fields, we believe that e-learning will play an important role in meeting the demands and flexibility requirements of full-time students and working professionals everywhere.”

Those interested in registering for e-learning classes at OGI School of Science & Engineering can learn more by visiting the OGI/OHSU website at http://www.ogi.edu/MST/online.html.

About OGI

OGI was founded in 1963 to provide training and expertise to the state’s rapidly expanding high-tech industry. During the past decade alone, the school has awarded more than 1,000 graduate degrees, offered hundreds of continuing education classes and workshops, and pursued more than $100 million in largely federally funded research. The OGI School’s computer science department is one of the nation’s top research departments in the field, and OGI’s Management in Science and Technology programs have won wide recognition for relevant and rigorous courses and degree programs serving technology professionals.

About OHSU

Aside from the new OGI school of Science & Engineering, OHSU currently includes the Schools of Dentistry, Medicine and Nursing, OHSU Hospital and Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, dozens of primary care and specialty clinics, multiple research institutes, and several public service and outreach units.

About Cenquest

With unique instructional design expertise, Cenquest transforms industry-responsive university content into a proven e-learning format that is highly interactive, instructor-mediated and event driven. By offering customized delivery to meet specific business objectives, Cenquest helps companies realize greater return on education investments as they build their next generation of business leaders.

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