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Google Begins Selling Textbooks Through Play Store

With little fanfare, Google began offering electronic textbooks for rent or purchase on its Google Play store on Friday. Included will be books from some of the largest academic-text publishers, including Pearson, Macmillan Higher Education, and Wiley, among others. Wired Campus Full Article

No More Double-Spending

College students likely spend hundreds of thousands of dollars extra per year on buying rights for digital versions of readings to which they have free access. Inside Higher Ed Full Article

Economics of scholarly communication in transition

Academic library budgets are the primary source of revenue for scholarly journal publishing. There is more than enough money in the budgets of academic libraries to fund a fully open access scholarly journal publishing system. Seeking efficiencies, such as a reasonable average cost per article, will be key to a successful transition. This article presents […]

The Rise of eText

eText consultant Rand Spiwak engages in an informative discussion of electronic texts and considers how higher education institutions can prepare for a shift from print to digital course materials and textbooks. Campus Technology Full Article

Elsevier distances itself from open-access article

The publisher Elsevier has disassociated itself from an article by a trade association it belongs to that condemns proposed open-access mandates in several US states. Times Higher Educatioin Full Article

Califa Launches Enki, a Lending Platform for Direct Ebook Distribution

The Califa Library Group and Contra Costa County Library (CCCL) today officially announced the beta launch of Enki Library, a new ebook platform designed to host and lend library-managed ebooks using the Douglas County model. Named after the Sumerian god of mischief, creativity, and intelligence, Enki went live at CCCL and the San Francisco Public […]

Diving into distance learning librarianship

Distance education is not new. The ACRL Distance Learning Section was formed more than 30 years ago, for example, but online learning is now growing rapidly. From 2002 to 2008, undergraduates enrolled in at least one distance education course rose from 8% to 20%.1 In turn, more librarians are connecting with online students and faculty, […]

Stanford’s Cantor Arts Center partners with the Google Art Project, an international online art gallery

More than 100 high-resolution images from the Cantor are now available for in-depth research and examination. Stanford University Press Release

With New Leader, Digital Public Library of America Prepares for Its Debut

The long-planned Digital Public Library of America is set to make its public debut on schedule next month, with a two-day series of events, to be held April 18-19 at the Boston Public Library, and a new, high-profile leader at the helm. The DPLA announced on Tuesday that Daniel J. Cohen, a leading digital-humanities scholar, […]

Open access publishing takes a step forward

The European Union (EU) appears ready in principle to endorse the European Commission’s proposals for developing open access to scientific information arising from publicly funded research. But officials say there is some way to go before a detailed system can be agreed. University World News Full Article