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NYC broadband initiative looks to eliminate the homework gap

With this effort, every student in the city could have home access to high-speed internet by 2025. edscoop

Net Neutrality Rollback Concerns Colleges

Last week the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission published his plan to dismantle Obama-era regulations protecting “net neutrality” — the idea that all web content should be treated equally by internet service providers. Inside Higher Ed

The FCC’s craven net neutrality vote announcement makes no mention of the 22 million comments filed

For someone who claims to be working for the American people, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai sure doesn’t seem to care what they have to say. In his announcement today that the Commission would vote whether to roll back net neutrality rules on December 15, he made no mention of the inconvenient and embarrassing fact that […]

Exploring the Future of Collaboration Technology in Research and Education

This tutorial addressed not only the basics (like how to conduct a virtual field trip using Google Expeditions), but also advanced topics like developing your own VR content, using VR/AR to improve real-time collaborative experiences, and future network requirements of pixel-perfect VR (spoiler alert – looking forward to 40Tb). Internet2

Enhancing a 3D Printer with Online Access

This paper looks at different ways of providing a RepRap 3D printer with online access and remote control to be operated from multiple devices including mobile devices. Different technological solutions that can be used with distinct printers are identified and tested. The selected and implemented remote access solution is described and examples of printed parts […]

Download Report: Supporting Digital Transformations in Schools: How to build a network infrastructure that will have you poised for ed-tech success

In 2014, the Wayne Highlands School District in Wayne County, Pa., embarked on a journey to transform instruction by giving every high school student an iPad and empowering stu- dents at all grade levels to learn through digital creation and investigation. CISCO, and eSchool News

EducationSuperHighway Releases Annual “State of the States” Report

EducationSuperHighway’s founder and CEO Evan Marwell talks about his organization’s efforts to bring fiber to the nation’s final 2,000 public schools, the decreasing costs of broadband and the uncertainties around the FCC’s plans for the E-Rate program. Converge  

Download Report: Signs of digital distress: Mapping broadband availability and subscription in American neighborhoods

Signs of digital distress: Mapping broadband availability and subscription in American neighborhoods The internet is now a fundamental component of the American economy, creating new ways to educate, employ, bring services to, and entertain every person. Broadband, especially wireline broadband in American homes, is the essential infrastructure for unlocking the internet’s economic benefits. However, broadband […]


This report explores the current status of broadband around the world, and how it is contributing to development purposes. Following on from this introduction, Chapter 2 explores global trends in broadband connectivity and technologies, Chapter 3 explores developments in policies and regulation, Chapter 4 explores the important applications of broadband for sustainable development, while Chapter 5 […]

China: Research could suffer as internet controls tightened

Chinese internet restrictions, known as the ‘great firewall of China’, have often been an issue for Chinese academics who find their access to overseas research restricted. They have become more concerned as new internet controls – particularly on virtual private networks or VPNs, which circumvent national censorship of the internet – look set to be […]