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Digital Divide Narrows for Latinos as More Spanish Speakers and Immigrants Go Online

The long-standing digital divide in internet use between Latinos and whites is now at its narrowest point since 2009 as immigrant Latinos and Spanish-dominant Latinos make big strides in going online, according to newly released results from Pew Research Center’s 2015 National Survey of Latinos. Meanwhile, broadband use among Latinos is little changed since 2010. […]


Download Report: Results of 2016 Professional Learning Survey

Results of 2016 Professional Learning Survey The SIIA Vision K-20 Project promotes the best uses of technology to ensure that all students have access to a learning environment capable of preparing them to compete globally and lead the world in innovation. The Vision K-20 Survey is an annual online self-assessment hosted on SIIA’s Vision K-20 […]


Francis Ford Coppola tests concept of live movie-making at UCLA

More than 75 students and faculty from the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television participated in a monthlong experimental workshop with five-time Academy Award-winning filmmaker and alumnus Francis Ford Coppola that culminated Friday with a live broadcast of a production based on Coppola’s concept of Live Cinema. University of California Los Angeles


Websites with history can be just as conversational as chatting with a person

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — A website with search and interaction history can be just as engaging as chatting with an online human agent, or robot helper, according to Penn State researchers. The Pennsylvania State University


A Platform to Monitor Learning

Philadelphia-based start-up Yellowdig is betting it can help students connect with their peers — and faculty members understand what captures students’ attention. Inside Higher Ed


Social divide stays in online learning

There are strong social divisions in how young people use digital technology, according to international research from the OECD. BBC


Avoiding Failure with Higher Education Technology Projects

I am frequently asked for a definition of a “successful” technology project. As a career senior technology executive, university educator, and now university chief executive, I have a deceptively simple answer. A successful technology project is one that is delivered on time, that comes within budget, and that meets or exceeds stakeholders’ expectations. EDUCAUSE Review 


Study: Many Online Students Use Mobile Devices for Coursework

Prospective online learners also value access to a physical campus and prioritize cost when choosing a program, one report finds. U.S. News & World Report


Case Study on the Impact of Technology on Incivility in Higher Education

A qualitative case study research design provided an in-depth perspective of the participants in relation to understanding the holistic impact technology has on the incivility of student-to- student and student-to-faculty interactions in higher education. The conceptual framework by Twale and Deluca (2008), based upon Salin’s (2003) proposed model for bullying, is detailed. Participants were doctoral […]


Virtual Reality on the Horizon

The hype has some colleges wondering if now is the right time to jump in. High costs and development issues suggest the technology is still years away from making a difference. Inside Higher Ed