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The Right to Tweet

Faculty members and staffers at public institutions in Kansas have doubled down on a policy that protects their right to express their opinions on social media. The proposal now heads to the Kansas Board of Regents, where it faces uncertain prospects. Inside Higher Ed Full Article


8 surprising facts about undergrads and ed-tech

It’s not every day, after scouring headlines from dozens of news sources, that news—especially education technology news—can surprise a seasoned education writer; but in recent research provided by EDUCAUSE, as well as a spiffy new infographic, many details on how undergraduate students are using ed-tech are fascinating…in that they’re not always as ‘cutting-edge’ as some […]


Supporting Educators to Innovate Through Technology

Technology offers extraordinary opportunities and capacities to teachers. The breadth and depth of educational materials and information available on the Internet can break boundaries, making any subject accessible anywhere, and providing students with access to experts from across town or across the globe. New technologies also give teachers tools and flexibility to engage students, personalize […]


Microsoft announced Microsoft Office for iPad

Microsoft officially announced Microsoft Office for iPad on Thursday, pushing Microsoft’s office suite onto the most popular tablet in the market. PCWorld Full Article


Top-Ten IT Issues, 2014: Be the Change You See

EDUCAUSE presents the top-ten IT issues facing higher education institutions. Many of these issues are not new. But in 2014 the ideas, solutions, and models that have been accumulating in higher education and technology will hit IT organizations—and the institutions they serve—fast and hard. This is the year that the front part of the herd […]

Download Report: Adopting Enterprise Content Management with Shared Services

Higher education institutions dealing with ongoing budgetary and staffing challenges are looking to create greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness in their operations. One intriguing option on this front is implementing an enterprise content management (ECM) system as a shared service. This Center for Digital Education strategy paper, sponsored by Laserfiche, takes a look at the advantages […]

NSF and Mozilla Announce Breakthrough Applications on a Faster, Smarter Internet of the Future

NSF investments in the development of innovative applications to address societal challenges yielding a brighter future National Science Foundation Full Article

Stanford and Columbia students awarded ‘Magic Grants’ to bring innovation to the media world

The Brown Institute for Media Innovation, an initiative of Stanford and Columbia universities, has awarded seed funding to students of both schools to develop media technologies that could transform how news content is produced, delivered and consumed. Stanford University Press Release

Innovations in incapacity: Education, technique, subject

This essay addresses the question of change as it is expressed in debates on the introduction and use of new digital technologies in contemporary education. It sets out some of the terms of this debate, concerning MOOCs in particular, and puts into question the very conception of change they presume. The essay advocates a distinction […]

Adobe Unveils Major Update to Creative Cloud

Includes Next Generation of “CC” Desktop Applications and Delivers Fully Integrated Cross-Device Collaboration, Community and Publishing Capabilities Adobe Press Release