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ePortfolios and Audience: Teaching a Critical Twenty-First Century Skill

This article reports on a three-year investigation into how and to what extent ePortfolios sponsor teacher and student learning about audience in first-year writing classes at a mid-sized research university. Through interviews with students and instructors and detailed analysis of students’ ePortfolios, we found that, more often than not, the audience for ePortfolios is multiple. […]

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Editorial: A Call for More Rigorous ePortfolio Research

This special issue of the International Journal of ePortfolio is entitled “Defining Practice and a Research Agenda: Selections from AAC&U’s Fifth Annual E-Portfolio Forum.” This article serves as an introduction to the special issue, provides highlights from the E-Portfolio Forum, and concludes with a call concerning new directions for rigorous ePortfolio research. International Journal of […]

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Learners’ views regarding the use of social networking sites in distance learning

In this study, it was aimed to examine the use of learning management systems supported by social networking sites in distance education and to determine the views of learners regarding these platforms. The study group of this study, which uses a qualitative research approach, consists of 15 undergraduate students who resumed their education in Turkey. […]

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An investigation into social learning activities by practitioners in open educational practices

By investigating how educational practitioners participate in activities around open educational practices (OEP), this paper aims at contributing to an understanding of open practices and how these practitioners learn to use OEP. Our research is guided by the following hypothesis: Different social configurations support a variety of social learning activities. The social configuration of OEPs […]


Co-Curricular Engagement for Non-Traditional Online Learners

Engagement in co-curricular activities is a means of educating the whole student, providing an opportunity for the integration of academic, professional, and personal development. Residential programs offer students campus-based, co-curricular experiences that foster the development of student knowledge and personal development outside of the classroom. For online learners, engagement in co-curricular campus experiences is limited […]


Increasing Accessibility: Using Universal Design Principles to Address Disability Impairments in the Online Learning Environment

With the increasing number of students enrolling in distance education, there is a need to consider the accessibility of course materials in online learning environments. Four major groups of disabilities: mobility, auditory, visual, and cognitive are explored as they relate to their implementation into instructional design and their impact on students in online learning, specifically […]


Challenges when introducing electronic exam

Time pressures often necessitate the use of more efficient exam tools, such as electronic exams (e-exams), instead of traditional paper exams. However, teachers may face challenges when introducing e-exams in a higher education context. This paper describes what kinds of challenges teachers may face when introducing e-exams, based on experiences in Turku University of Applied […]


Army Training

The Army is evolving its current integrated training environment into a single synthetic training environment that combines constructive, gaming and virtual systems to provide challenging exercises efficiently at the point of need. Military Training Technology Full Article


Publish, not Perish: Supporting Graduate Students as Aspiring Authors

BACKGROUND Students pursuing advanced degrees are increasingly expected to contribute to their discipline’s scholarly discourse during their tenure in graduate school. However, they are often unsure of how or where to begin the publishing process, and do not always feel comfortable asking for help from their faculty advisors or fellow students. Scholars, including librarians, have attempted […]


Online Learning: Outcomes and Satisfaction among Underprepared Students in an Upper-Level Psychology Course

Online learning is on the rise, but research on outcomes and student satisfaction has produced conflicting results, and systematic, targeted research on underprepared college students is generally lacking. This study compared three sections (traditional, online, and 50% hybrid) of the same upper-level psychology course, taught with identical materials by the same instructor. Although exam scores […]