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The Case(s) Against Personalized Learning

Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are backing it with hundreds of millions of dollars. States from Florida to Vermont have adopted supportive laws and policies. And school districts across the country are embracing this emerging education trend. But as “personalized learning” takes root, it’s also coming under greater scrutiny. Education Week 

Download Report: Students say colleges lag in providing personalized digital experience

Tech-savvy reputation is a key factor for 9 in 10 students when applying to colleges, but schools need to do more, Ellucian study concludes.​ Edscoop

Evaluation of an intelligent open learning system for engineering education

In computer-assisted education, the continuous monitoring and assessment of the learner is crucial for the delivery of personalized education to be effective. In this paper, we present a pilot application of the Student Diagnosis, Assistance, Evaluation System based on Artificial Intelligence (StuDiAsE), an open learning system for unattended student diagnosis, assistance and evaluation based on […]

McGraw-Hill Education Digital Study Trends: Student Habits

4 Out of 5 Students Agree: Digital Learning Technology Has a Positive Impact on Their Grades 84% of students report that the use of technology improves their education 81% report that digital learning technology helps save them time and be more efficient 81% claim that digital learning technology is helping them boost their grades McGraw-Hill […]

Still far from personal learning: Key aspects and emergent topics about how future professionals’ PLEs are

The CAPPLE project is an exploratory research project that aims to analyse the PLEs of future Spanish professionals. An ad-hoc survey about their habits for learning was conducted using a sample of 2054 university students from the last year of a degree. After data collection, two main processes were carried out: (1) the analysis of […]

Introducing a personal learning environment in higher education. An analysis of connectivity

Universities have a key role to play in the progress and development of the Knowledge Society. They should lead the way in the design of teaching strategies that promote knowledge building. Personal learning environments (PLE) represent a groundbreaking new development in educational practices through the incorporation of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), and an opportunity […]

The Relationships Between Students’ Perceived Learning Styles and the Community of Inquiry Presences in a Graduate Online Course

In this paper, the author examined whether there is any correlation between students’ perceived learning styles as identified by Felder and Silverman (2002) and each of the three presences of the Garrison et al.’s Community of Inquiry (CoI) framework (2000): the teaching presence, the social presence and the cognitive presence. First, the CoI survey was […]

Design Framework for an Adaptive MOOC Enhanced by Blended Learning: Supplementary Training and Personalized Learning for Teacher Professional Development

In 2020 it will be a requirement that Danish primary school teachers have a bachelor degree in the subjects they teach. More than 10,000 teachers, who for many years have taught a course without being formally qualified, need professional development and therefore municipalities ask for new concepts for in-service training. There is a need for […]

Development and Effectiveness Analysis of a Personalized Ubiquitous Multi-Device Certification Tutoring System Based on Bloom’s Taxonomy of Educational Objectives

In recent years, with the gradual increase in the importance of professional certificates, improvement in certification tutoring systems has become more important. In this study, we have developed a personalized ubiquitous multi-device certification tutoring system (PUMDCTS) based on “Bloom’s Taxonomy of Educational Objectives,” and applied it to help students obtain HTML certificates. The system can […]

Zuckerberg is Ploughing Billions Into ‘Personalised Learning’ – Why?

Zuckerberg has a clear definition of personalized learning in mind: It’s about teachers “working with students to customise instruction to meet the student’s individual needs and interests.” Center for Digital Education