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Designing and integrating reusable learning objects for meaningful learning: Cases from a graduate programme

E-learning quality depends on sound pedagogical integration between the content resources and lesson activities within an e-learning system. This study proposes that a meaningful learning with technology framework can be used to guide the design and integration of content resources with e-learning activities in ways that promote learning experiences, characterised by five dimensions: active, constructive, […]

Evaluation of Virtual Objects: Contributions for the Learning Process

The constant technological development in education, and the potentiality of the resources offered by Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), are challenges faced by teaching institutions in Brazil, especially by those institutions, which by the very nature of their services intend to provide distance education courses. In such a scene, one sees the use of technology […]

Moving the Red Queen Forward: Maturing Analytics Capabilities in Higher Education

This article is drawn from the recent research by the EDUCAUSE Center for Analysis and Research (ECAR) and Gartner researchers on the state of analytics in higher education. This research explores the analytics trends as well as future predictions for the deployment of analytics technologies. Publications include The Analytics Landscape in Higher Education, 2015; Institutional […]

Demystifing the Term

Background Changes in the industry: a shift toward network based training, just-in-time access supported by web delivery The new paradigm of modular instructional content development: learner-centric design What are Learning Objects? The original definition (about three years ago) of learning object that we at Empower started working on is as follows: A Learning Object from […]

Learning Objects

Objects of Interest Learning objects promise a brave new world of easily accessible and individualised learning, made possible by the flexible deployment over networks of small, reusable components from multiple sources. “Wow,” you say, “if only we knew what on earth these learning objects were and how we’re supposed to make use of them, we […]