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Popular MITx philosophy MOOC introduces instructor grading

If one of the core philosophies of online learning is to democratize education, then a new verified certificate option for a philosophy course on MITx on edX — the massive open online courses (MOOCs) offered by the Institute — brings the concept full circle. MIT


The Rise of the Online Degree at Public and Nonprofit Universities

Like meeting your spouse on the Internet, earning a degree online went from unthinkable to mainstream in a few short decades. Despite their well-documented scandals, we have for-profit universities to thank for popularizing online learning. They pioneered online degree options, and while enrollment in online degree programs at for-profit universities has dipped, overall online enrollments […]


Travel online pro adds world of knowledge to Dallas e-learning company as CEO

If Carl Sparks had not gotten into business school, the former Travelocity CEO would have gone to work for Teach for America. Now, after nearly two decades of guiding online businesses, he’s pursuing his interest in education through his new role as CEO of Academic Partnerships, a Dallas company that helps colleges expand their online […]

The Birth of Artificial Intelligence

3 reasons why AI is education’s future

UX innovator discusses what forward-thinking schools are doing now, and what AI in education will look like in the near future eCampus News


Guidelines for Transferring Residential Courses into Web

This study shared unique design experiences by examining the process of transferring residential courses to the Web, and proposed a design model for individuals who want to transfer their courses into this environment. The formative research method was used in the study, and two project teams’ processes of putting courses, which were being taught in […]


Design and Development of a Learning Design Virtual Internship Program

Incorporation of practical experience in learning design and technology education has long been accepted as an important step in the developmental process of future learning designers. The proliferation of adult online education has increased the number of graduate students who are in need of a practical internship placement but have limited options due to work […]


Who enrolls in competency-based education? An examination of the demographics and finances of competency-based education programs

The concept of competency-based education (CBE), in which some or all of a student’s progression through a degree program is separated from the traditional credit hour model, has gained popularity in the last few years. However, little research has examined the types of students who enroll in CBE programs and whether CBE results in cost […]


E-mentoring and its relevance for competency-based education for students with disabilities: research from the GSAA BreakThru model

Communication and learning technologies to enable mentoring for students are important topics for online courses and competency-based education approaches. However, research results have been limited. The Georgia STEM Accessibility Alliance (GSAA) is a research project of the US National Science Foundation’s Research in Disabilities Education (RDE) program. It is a collaborative RDE Alliance between the […]


Perceptions of the Impact of Online Learning as a Distance-based Learning Model on the Professional Practices of Working Nurses in Northern Ontario

Nurses in Canada face diverse challenges to their ongoing educational pursuits. As a result, they have been early adopters of courses and programs based on distance education principles and, in particular, online learning models. In the study described in this paper, nurses studying at two northern universities, in programs involving online learning, were interviewed about […]

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Playing and Learning: An iPad Game Development & Implementation Case Study

There is a great deal of enthusiasm for the use of games in formal educational contexts; however, there is a notable and problematic lack of studies that make use of replicable study designs to empirically link games to learning (Young, et al., 2012). This paper documents the iterative design and development of an educationally focused […]