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‘It Takes Time’

The University of California System, after five years and millions of dollars spent, is asking for more time and money to get its systemwide online education initiative off the ground. Inside Higher Ed Full Article

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Faculty perceptions of webcasting in health sciences education

Pre-recorded lectures (podcasts) and recordings of live lectures (lecture-capture) are now everyday occurrences on many college campuses. Student use and opinions of these technologies have been frequently studied. However, there has been little reported on how faculty perceive these technologies. This article reports the results from a 2010 survey of dental, medical, and nursing faculty […]


Using videoconferencing mediated mentoring to support an adjunct faculty

Mentoring is an effective way to orient new employees to an organization’s work climate. Many colleges operating in multiple locations and providing programs for working adults through evening classes rely on the expertise of adjunct faculty to provide instructional methods. The research literature about mentoring in a higher education context mainly focuses on mentoring full […]


Are Courses Outdated? MIT Considers Offering ‘Modules’ Instead

People now buy songs, not albums. They read articles, not newspapers. So why not mix and match learning “modules” rather than lock into 12-week university courses? That question is a major theme of a 213-page report released on Monday by a committee at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology exploring how the 153-year-old engineering powerhouse should […]


Watch the Presentations: MIT Technology Review Digital Summit

The MIT Technology Review Digital Summit examines tomorrow’s digital technologies and explains their global impact on both business and society. You’ll get insider access to the innovative people and companies at the heart of the next wave of the digital revolution. MIT Technology Review Watch the video of presentations


Developing An Information Literacy Assessment Rubric: A Case Study Of Collaboration, Process, And Outcomes

A team of four librarians at the University of Houston (UH) Libraries partnered with the UH Office of Institutional Effectiveness and its Director of Assessment and Accreditation Services for General Education to conduct a campus-wide, exploratory assessment of undergraduate information literacy skills. The project evaluated a selection of graduating, senior-level student papers using a rubric […]


Integrating An Information Literacy Quiz Into The Learning Management System

The Claremont Colleges Library Instruction Services Department developed a quiz that could be integrated into the consortial learning management software to accompany a local online, open-source information literacy tutorial. The quiz is integrated into individual course pages, allowing students to receive a grade for completion and improving faculty and student buy-in. Piloted in nine first-year […]


Consensus, Compromise, and Persistence: Implementing a Single ERP for 13 Colleges

Using the multi-entity processing (MEP) model let the Colorado Community College System transform 13 instances of ERP at its individual community colleges into a single installation. The new system handles all major transactions, including student, financial aid, human resource, and finance transactions, as well as allowing across-the-board updates for financial aid and legislative changes that impact all 13 colleges. Aligning 13 colleges on consistent business practices was […]


Patterns And Principles For Blended Synchronous Learning: Engaging Remote And Face-To-Face Learners In Rich-Media Real-Time Collaborative Activities

Blended synchronous learning involves using rich-media technologies to enable remote and face-to-face students to jointly participate in the same live classes. This article presents blended synchronous learning designs from seven case studies that were part of a project funded by the Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching and articulates principles for implementation as espoused […]


StoryScape from MIT Media Lab: Create Stories Together

Writing a storybook has never been easier! Access StoryScape