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Towards a more effective model for distance education

What is the most effective model for academic distance education, given that drop-out numbers in traditional distance education institutions are too high and the demands from the various stakeholders are changing? In this paper this question is answered from the perspective of the Open University of the Netherlands (OUNL). The OUNL has planned to redesign […]


Download: Asian Association of Open Universities Journal Vol. 9 September 2014

VOL. 9, NO. 1, SEPTEMBER 2014 CONTENTS Mastering New Information through facebook and discussion forum: A Comparative Analysis Nantha Kumar Subramaniam and Maheswari Kandasamy A Study of Relationship between Learning Styles of Students and Instructional Inputs of Teacher Education Programme of IGNOU Pravat Kumar Sahoo and Subhash Chandra How flexible do students prefer their learning […]


Achieving Strategic Excellence In Army University

A few months ago, I visited the Army’s Command and Staff College at Ft. Leavenworth at their invitation to offer some ideas a new effort: Army University (AU). This is an attempt by the Army leadership to build an education enterprise that brings all schools from basic training to the staff college under single management. […]


6 apps to build algebra skills

Many students begin school with a love of math, but stumble when they reach algebra. With the increasing prevalence of mobile learning, though, on-demand apps and resources can help students stay on top of their algebra lessons. eSchool News Full Article


I got my PhD by making YouTube videos – and so can you

When I first began PhD studies in 2010, I didn’t have an exact idea of what my dissertation would look like; all I knew was that it wouldn’t be a traditional 90,000-word text document. It couldn’t be, because I knew if it were, I’d never last to see graduation. Four years later, I have recently […]


Got Skills? Why Online Competency-Based Education Is the Disruptive Innovation for Higher Education

Online competency-based education can even out the playing field by taking students to the furthest point possible in their learning experiences, regardless of their starting point, race, geographical location, or family income. EDUCAUSE Full Article    


Finding New Business Models in Unsettled Times

If the core crisis in higher education is one of sustainability, being focused on the job to be done and having a grasp of the forces shaping higher education gives institutional leaders a new way to think about recasting their future. EDUCAUSE Full Article


Studying Research Collaboration Patterns via Co-authorship Analysis in the Field of TeL: The Case of Educational Technology & Society Journal

Research collaboration is studied in different research areas, so as to provide useful insights on how researchers combine existing distributed scientific knowledge and transform it into new knowledge. Commonly used metrics for measuring research collaborative activity include, among others, the co-authored publications (concerned with who works with whom) and the citations (concerned with who cites […]

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Pilot Program of Online Learning in Three Small High Schools: Considerations of Learning Styles

 This case study was conducted in three schools in Maine, United States. The goal of this qualitative research was two-fold: to describe the process used by a small educational consortium as it initiated formal online education, and to view this experience through the lens of students’ preferred learning styles. The United States does not have […]


Social media, Collaboration and Social Learning … a Case‑study of Foreign Language Learning

Social media has created new possibilities for digitally native students to engage, interact and collaborate in learning tasks that foster learning processes and the overall learning experience. Using both qualitative and quantitative data, this article discusses experiences and challenges of using a social media-enhanced collaborative learning environment in case-based teaching of foreign languages. Based on […]