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Bilingual Facebook Users’ Cognitive Writing Processes

This study seeks to explore the cognitive processes involved as bilinguals wrote English and Spanish Facebook status updates. Three phases of data collection were employed: individual interviews, examination of participants’ Facebook status updates and a group interview. The findings suggested that regardless of the language in which participants wrote, they made a series of decisions […]


Student Media Usage Patterns and Non-Traditional Learning in Higher Education

A total of 2,338 students at German universities participated in a survey, which investigated media usage patterns of so-called traditional and non-traditional students (Schuetze & Wolter, 2003). The students provided information on the digital devices that they own or have access to, and on their usage of media and e-learning tools and services for their […]

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Mobile learning: Moving past the myths and embracing the opportunities

Mobile learning (mLearning) in the open and distance learning landscape, holds promise and provides exciting new opportunities. In order to understand and embrace these opportunities within various contexts and circumstances it is imperative to understand the essence of the phenomenon. In this regard, we first need to understand the core fundamentals of mLearning and gain […]


Women and Distance Education in Developing CountriesL The Challenges

Distance education has the ability to reach anyone anywhere and thus is widely accepted as a method of educating large populations of people in developing countries. The women in particular, are able to reap the benefits distance education has to offer by overcoming many of the barriers faced through conventional methods of learning. The Internet […]

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Why ePortfolios? Student Perceptions of ePortfolio Use in Continuing Education Learning Environments

Over the past decade, there has been an increased exploration of ePortfolios in higher education across disciplines at both the undergraduate and graduate level. ePortfolios have been significantly under-explored, however, in the context of non-traditional continuing education environments within higher education. This paper explores students’ perceptions of ePortfolios in a non-credit continuing education environment in […]


Helping Members of the Community Manage Their Digital Lives: Developing a Personal Digital Archiving Workshop

It is estimated that over 90 percent of all new information is born digital. We create new digital materials practically on a daily basis. What can we as libraries do to help our users manage their personal digital materials? This article explores resources and methods that could be used in the development of a personal […]

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Bridging the Communication Divide: CMC and Deaf Individuals’ Literacy Skills

Deaf individuals frequently capitalize upon communication technologies that increase equitable access to communication in an ongoing, effortless manner. Those communication technologies create conditions that increase direct access to language and literacy. It is the lack of direct access to language that has been historically problematic for deaf individuals, contributing to English literacy achievement gaps that […]


A Meta-Synthesis of Empirical Research on the Effectiveness of Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC) in SLA

This meta-analysis reports the results of a systematic synthesis of primary studies on the effectiveness of computer-mediated communication (CMC) in second language acquisition (SLA) for the period 2000-2012. By extracting information on 21 features from each primary study, this meta-analysis intends to summarize the CMC research literature for the past decade by calculating an average […]


Why Blogging Is Key to the Future of Higher Ed

A massive experiment at Virginia Commonwealth University involving 7,000 blogs could lead to a new view on how college students learn. Campus Technology


What Does ‘Personalized Learning’ Look Like? Video Series Aims to Go Beyond Hype

An education blog whose authors believe there’s too much hype around “personalized learning” technology has posted a series of video case studies about the trend, hoping to help get beyond overheated rhetoric. Wired Campus