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India suffers doubly due to lack of open access

Developing nations, especially India, increasingly face a challenge in prioritising their goals. One that has become increasingly relevant in this context, in the age of open knowledge, is the relevance of subscription journals in the dissemination of knowledge in a developing society. University World News Full Article  


Supporting Educators to Innovate Through Technology

Technology offers extraordinary opportunities and capacities to teachers. The breadth and depth of educational materials and information available on the Internet can break boundaries, making any subject accessible anywhere, and providing students with access to experts from across town or across the globe. New technologies also give teachers tools and flexibility to engage students, personalize […]


The Challenges of a Contemporary Educator – Terry Anderson Interview

Professor Terry Anderson, who is based at Athabasca University in Canada, is one of the famous figures of contemporary education, and his list of achievements is lengthy. He is one of the pioneers of online and distance learning, and is Editor Emeritus of the influential online open access journal International Review of Research in Open […]


Proposing A Metaliteracy Model To Redefine Information Literacy

Metaliteracy is envisioned as a comprehensive model for information literacy to advance critical thinking and reflection in social media, open learning settings, and online communities. At this critical time in higher education, an expansion of the original definition of information literacy is required to include the interactive production and sharing of original and repurposed digital […]


TRADOC welcomes new commanding general

FORT EUSTIS, Va. (March 18, 2014) — Gen. David Perkins assumed command of U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command from Gen. Robert Cone during a change-of-command ceremony, Friday, at Fort Eustis. U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command Press Release


U.S. government pulls out of ICANN

The U.S. National Telecommunications and Information Administration will end its formal relationship with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers in late 2015, with ICANN developing a new global governance model, the agency said Friday. PCWorld Full Article


5 new ways students are choosing their colleges and universities

Gone are the days when students chose their postsecondary education institution based off of U.S. News & World Reportpublications. In this mobile-enabled culture, today’s students are redefining how colleges and universities should market their offerings by using diverse online resources and social media word-of-mouth. eCampus News Full Article

3d e-learning concept

The Effects of Online Teaching Experience and Institution Type on Faculty Perceptions of Teaching Online

In light of the recent growth of online education and its disruptive impact on higher education, this study compared faculty attitudes toward teaching online across institution type, including community colleges and four-year public and private institutions, as well as across faculty with and without online teaching experience. While the data reflected similarities across groups, there […]


Factors Influencing Faculty Participation & Retention In Online & Blended Education

Faculty members play a central role in the development, implementation, and long-term sustainability of online and blended education programs. Therefore, faculty recruitment and retention strategies for these programs must align with the needs of the faculty. This article highlights the results of an institutional study conducted at a public comprehensive university in 2012 that examined […]


Learning When Serious: Psychophysiological Evaluation of a Technology-Enhanced Learning Game

We report an evaluation study for a novel learning platform, motivated by the growing need for methods to do assessment of serious game efficacy. The study was a laboratory experiment combining evaluation methods from the fields of learning assessment and psychophysiology. 15 participants used the TARGET game platform for 25 minutes, while the bio-signals electrocardiography, […]