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Is this state tool the future of college choice for students?

When it comes to students’ college choice, a new online state-based tool emphasizes the importance of career possibilities. eCampus News


Institutional Characteristics and Student Retention: What Integrated Postsecondary Education Data Reveals About Online Learning

Online course delivery continues to grow as a viable means of providing increased educational access to more students, but low student retention rates remain a major challenge. In this study, key institutional characteristics that influence student retention in postsecondary education are analyzed. These are student-faculty ratio, graduation rate, acceptance rate, enrollment rate, institutional aid rate, […]


Status Tracking and Reporting the Quality Matters Process at the University of North Georgia

The University of North Georgia utilizes the internal Quality Matters (QM) process to review all their online courses. As our online course offerings have increased, the need to devise a system to track the QM process, ensure timely reviews, and begin recertification of previously reviewed courses was necessary. As a result, several reports have been […]


Download White Paper: Everywhere and Anytime, Here and Now: Digital and Residential Education at Harvard

Launched in 2012, in parallel with Harvard and MIT’s joint announcement of the edX online learning platform, HarvardX has served as an organizing force and a testbed for emerging approaches to teaching. Since its founding, HarvardX has expanded considerably, engaging much of the University community and yielding informative and encouraging results—and new avenues for exploration. […]


All about EDEN

As part of the celebrations of the silver jubilee of EDEN (1991-2016), I’ve invited all the past Presidents to contribute to this blog, in order to share some of their personal recollections and retrospections on the development of the Association and the field. Last week, I published the first contribution of this special series of […]


Download Report: The State of State: Postsecondary Data Systems

The State of State: Postsecondary Data System PSURSs are the primary means for states to collect data and analyze student progress, completions, and outcomes. Demands on these systems are increasing as policymakers, researchers, and consumers call for more accurate and comprehensive data concerning postsecondary education. Many states have tied institutional funding to performance metrics derived […]


Final Push for State Authorization Rule

The U.S. Department of Education will make one last effort in the Obama administration to finalize rules governing how colleges become authorized to offer distance education programs to students in other states. Inside Higher Education 


Download Report: The Emerging Learning System

The Emerging Learning System For more than two decades, higher education leaders and associations, employers and policymakers have been asking tough questions about how well our nation’s colleges and universities prepare graduates to contribute successfully to a changing global workforce and society. Business leaders often express frustration that college graduates are not achieving the broad, […]


Co-curate: Working with Schools and Communities to Add Value to Open Collections

Co-Curate North East is a cross-disciplinary initiative involving Newcastle University and partner organisations, working with schools and community groups in the North East of England. Co-curation builds on the concept of the ‘ecomuseum’ model for heritage based around a virtual territory, social memory and participative input from the wider population. Journal of Interactive Media in […]


Ten years of open practice: a reflection on the impact of OpenLearn

The Open University (OU) makes a proportion of all its taught modules available to the public via OpenLearn each year. This process involves the modification, of module excerpts, showcasing subject matter and teaching approach. This activity serves both the University’s social and business missions through the delivery of free courses to the public, but increasingly its students are using it to inform module choice, to augment their studies […]