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Integrating learning management and social networking systems

Learning Management Systems (LMS) have become ubiquitous tools in support of both classroom and distance education programming. They bring significant advantages that digitize and automate many of the functions and pedagogical activities of traditional campus teaching. At the same time social networks have become ubiquitous tools for communication, entertainment and informal learning by both students […]

The Effect of Online Discussion Board Frequency on Student Performance in Adult Learners

Classroom discussion boards are a vital part of the online educational experience, providing a venue for peer to peer and student to faculty interactions.  However, institutional feedback from students at a large open enrollment university has shown that excess focus on online discussions may lead to fatigue, resulting in lower student satisfaction, and in turn, […]

Using Design-Based Research to Develop Meaningful Online Discussions in Undergraduate Field Experience Courses

From a design perspective, the intentionality of students to engage in surface or deep learning is often experienced through prescribed activities and learning tasks. Educators understand that meaningful learning can be furthered through the structural and organizational design of the online environment that motivates the student towards task completion. However, learning engagement is unique for […]

Forum Quality or Quantity: What is Driving Student Engagement Online?

The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between forum quality and student engagement. It was hypothesized when the forum prompt was of expected quality it would be a driver of student engagement and examined the length of the forum prompt in relation to student engagement. The methodology adopted for this study was […]

Comparing Student Reflectiveness in Online Discussion Forums across Modes of Instruction and Levels of Courses

Fostering reflective deliberation in the online classroom ensures that students reach a high level of achievement in virtual courses. Student peer exchanges were evaluated on a collaborative web site structured around interactive weekly discussions offered across an online, face-to-face, and upper- and lower-division political science courses. Findings indicate that despite differences in mode and level […]

Misuse or misdesign? Yik Yak on college campuses and the moral dimensions of technology design

( note: Yik Yak stopped its operation in the Spring of 2017). Yik Yak, a location-based, anonymous social media app, has been gaining negative attention as a platform that often gives voice to bullying, racism and sexism on college campuses across the country. Integrating research on digital anonymity and cyberbullying, this paper analyzes the key […]

Peer moderation of asynchronous online discussions: An exploratory study of peer e-moderating behaviour

This study explored patterns of e-moderating behaviour students performed when they were assigned as peer moderators of asynchronous online discussions in a reciprocal manner. Eighty-four students from an undergraduate blended course were observed during a 7-week-long online discussions. Using quantitative content analysis peer moderators’ interventions were analysed based on Smet, Keer, Wever, and Valcke’s (2010) […]

Adding to the mix: Students use of Facebook groups and blackboard discussion forums in higher education

This paper reports on a case study of the use of Facebook in learning and teaching in higher education. Facebook was used as a venue for online discussion to support the existing Learning Management System (in this case Blackboard) in the unit Internet Collaboration and Organisation as part of the Internet Communications degree taught fully […]