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Technology And Innovation In Human Activity Of The Information Age: Human And ICT

In the article a brief overview of projects initiated by the U.S. National Science Foundation that related to new knowledge on integration and mutual development of social systems is proposed. The projects have a potential for transformation of science and researches, improvement of life quality and economy prosperity, as well as they should ensure outrunning […]


Implementing a Diversity-Orientated Online Graduate-Level Health Professions Education Program

This case describes the strategies implemented in the development of an online Master’s degree program in Health Professions Education (HPE) and an online short, Master’s level diploma program. The strategies presented pertain to three of the main challenges identified: program cohesiveness, a multidisciplinary approach, and information technology literacy. The case describes meetings between the senior […]


“And the walls came a-tumblin’ down…”

This case deals with a university program which is well respected but requires changes to be made to it as enrollments dwindle. Pressure from administration is making the Program Head and Program Committee members as well as Senior Instructional Designer LeFort consider new options for its delivery. Online learning is not a well-established practice among […]


Watch the Video: Huge MIT Media Lab Inventions That Transformed Our World

FOR THE LAST 30 years, the MIT Lab has been a breeding ground for technological progress that’s pushed the world into the future. Touchscreens, e-Ink, GPS, wearables—all of these technologies got their start at the Cambridge, Mass., lab, which is known for its cross-disciplinary approach to research. We sat down with Media Lab co-founder Nicholas Negroponte and current director […]


Using Positive Visual Stimuli to Lighten The Online Learning Experience through In Class Questioning

Using in-class questions is an efficient instructional strategy to keep abreast of the state of student learning in a class. Some studies have found that discussing in-class questions in synchronous learning is helpful. These studies demonstrated that synchronous questions not only provide students with timely feedback, but also allow teachers to change the pedagogy adaptively. […]


A Cognitive Style Perspective to Handheld Devices: Customization vs. Personalization

Handheld devices are widely applied to support open and distributed learning, where students are diverse. On the other hand, customization and personalization can be applied to accommodate students’ diversities. However, paucity of research compares the effects of customization and personalization in the context of handheld devices. To this end, we developed a customized digital learning […]


Building a Blueprint for Better E-Books

Whenever students at Brookdale Community College have free time, they typically engage with their mobile devices, according to Mike Qaissaunee, chair of the Engineering and Technology department at the Lincroft, NJ, institution. That observation led him to wonder if he could create academic content and deliver it directly to students’ mobile devices. Not the static […]


The Open University at 45: What can we learn from Britain’s distance education pioneer?

Forty-five years ago, when Britain’s Open University (OU) began broadcasting its first lectures over BBC television and radio, there were many reasons to discount its importance. Brookings Institute 


Provost’s office restructuring keeps focus on online learning [George Washington University]

Interim officials are adjusting the ways academic leadership positions are structured, months after losing the provost as well as two other high-profile leaders. The GW Hatchet


Expansion of learning research and online and digital education at MIT

The following email was sent today to the MIT community by President L. Rafael Reif. To the members of the MIT community, Eighteen months ago, the Institute-wide Task Force on the Future of MIT Education challenged us to enact a comprehensive vision, ranging from creating an Institute-wide learning initiative, to enhancing MIT residential education, to expanding […]