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Can this technology help solve the distance learning isolation issue?

It’s a common problem facing universities with satellite campuses and distance learning options: How to keep students from feeling isolated from on-campus classrooms. eCampus Report


Online Expansion Held Back

Yale University has learned that a thorough review over a period of several years may be the fastest way for its hybrid master’s degree program in medical science to become accredited. The development — while in no way killing the program — is being seen as a victory for alumni and students who have expressed skepticism about online education. Inside […]


For Big Data Researchers, Network and Compute Capabilities are Lynchpin to Success

Internet2 Global Summit meeting showcases how community collaboration and advanced technologies are key ingredients in life sciences big data research Internet2


Editorial: Novakian concept mapping in university and professional education

Novakian concept mapping has the potential to make a major impact in the development of higher education as universities strive to support students’ generation of powerful knowledge. This can be achieved by increasing the accessibility of multiple perspectives on knowledge that reveal and exploit the epistemic chaos that lies beneath a veneer of curriculum coherence. […]


Online Graduate Students’ Preferences of Discussion Modality: Does Gender Matter?

Audio/video discussion has been used increasingly in online courses due to its affordances in enhancing online communication. However, whether learners of different characteristics can benefit from this discussion modality has not been investigated extensively. This study examined whether gender plays a role in learners’ preferences and perceptions of audio/video discussion as compared to text discussion. […]


Online Graduate Instruction: What Faculty Consider Reasonable In Relation to What Students Expect

In this investigation, the author utilized a modified Delphi technique to validate whether graduate level online faculty and learners could achieve a consensus of opinion relative to a range of instructional practices commonly associated with online education. A list of administrative guidelines pertaining to online instruction collected from an assortment of post-secondary institutions in the […]


Instructor Time Requirements to Develop and Teach Online Courses

How much time does it take to teach an online course? Does teaching online take more or less time than teaching face-to-face? Instructors, department chairs, deans, and program administrators have long believed that teaching online is more time-consuming than teaching face-to-face. Many research studies and practitioner articles indicate instructor time commitment as a major inhibitor […]


Contemporary Literacies and Technologies in English Language Arts Teacher Education: Shift Happens!

Three leaders of the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) Conference on English Education (CEE) reflect on the changes that have occurred in English language arts teacher education in the past 15 years since the first edition of Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education (CITE Journal) was published. The authors take a historical look at […]


Prime Online: Developing Grades 3-5 Teachers’ Content Knowledge for Teaching Mathematics in an Online Professional Development Program

This study sought to identify components of an asynchronous online teacher professional development program, Prime Online, that potentially affected participants’ mathematical knowledge for teaching (MKT). Twenty-three third- through fifth-grade general education and special education teachers completed a yearlong online teacher professional development program focused on improving MKT, instructional practices for all learners (particularly those with disabilities), and […]


Research on SNS and education: The state of the art and its challenges

This paper presents, for further discussion, a review of the scientific literature produced internationally on the use of Social Network Sites (SNS) in different levels of education and settings. A total of 62 articles published in international scientific journals with peer review have been analysed. The main objective of this paper is to discuss the […]