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Alumnus’s throwable tactical camera gets commercial release

Softball-sized camera can be tossed into unseen areas, sends panoramic images back to a smartphone MIT


Researchers Complain About Changes in Amazon Tool Used for Surveys

This week Amazon changed the terms for a service that has become a standard tool in social-science research, and many scholars are complaining that it will mean higher costs to conduct surveys. Wired Campus


Containing the costs of a higher education degree

Two researchers discuss how tech-enabled, and competency-based, models may improve overall affordability. eCampus News


Designing Learning Spaces for Both Online and On-Campus Delivery

Purdue University found a way to create a flexible and inviting learning space for on-campus learners while also delivering high-quality audio and video recording for distance students. Campus Technology

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Prevailing Attitudes about the Role of Women in Distance Learning Administration

The increasing scarcity of women within higher academic ranks is troublesome, especially as associate and full-professors with tenure are generally those tapped for leadership positions. This study surveyed female administrators in distance education in an effort to thematically analyze their perceptions of distance learning in higher education. Themes that garnered more input from the women […]

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What Can the Business World Teach Us About Strategic Planning?

The need for a reliable strategic planning framework for distance educators and their institutions has never been greater than it is now. Increased government regulations, accreditation standards, and competition are converging with decreased funding from federal, state, and private sources, and administrators require better strategic planning. A strategic planning model known as the Balanced Scorecard […]


Impact of an open online course on the connectivist behaviours of Alaska teachers

In this article we will describe a continuum of development towards knowledge generation and networked learning which emerges as practising teachers participate in a connectivist experience offered through an open online class (OOC) learning design. We believe that this design offers an opportunity to provide authentic professional development and collaboration particularly for those teachers in […]


A pilot study: Facilitating cross-cultural understanding with project-based collaborative learning in an online environment

This study investigated three aspects: how project-based collaborative learning facilitates cross-cultural understanding; how students perceive project-based collaborative learning implementation in a collaborative cyber community (3C) online environment; and what types of communication among students are used. A qualitative case study approach was applied to explore these aspects using a variety of data sources. First, students’ […]


Blog To Help Parents Raising Children in Digital Age

Parenting for a Digital Future is a blog created by the Connected Learning Research Network and London School of Economics and Political Science that explores parenting for a digital future. The MacArthur-supported project is an extension of research on the challenges facing children in a fast-changing digital environment. It aims to explore parents’ vision of […]


Illuminating manuscripts for the digital age

The burial site of Viking kings, a pagan centre in medieval times, and the seat of Sweden’s Catholic archdiocese since 1164, Uppsala, north of Stockholm, is today watched over by the Carolina Rediviva, one of the world’s great academic libraries, which sits atop a hill above the city. Times Higher Education