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iPad Pro review: Why the best iPad yet won’t work for everyone

Well, I tried. I tried the whole “use the iPad Pro instead of my computer for a week” thing and barely lasted a day. It doesn’t fit my workflow like my MacBook Air does, so I stopped trying to force it—and that’s OK. Apple’s newest largest tablet doesn’t need to be a laptop replacement to […]


New Book: ‘MOOCs, High Technology and Higher Learning’

Author discusses book offering a critical analysis of massive open online courses from a social science perspective. Inside Higher Ed


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The education system of the United States is not adequately preparing a large proportion of its students for college, career-training and, ultimately, jobs that provide enough income to support a middle class standard of living. Only about one-third of students are proficient on national math and reading tests. Each year, more than 1 million students drop […]


The State of School Connectivity in 2015

A report highlights the progress that schools have made with Internet access and how state leaders are making connectivity a priority. Center for Digital Education


U Georgia Nears $2 million Mark in OER Savings

The University of Georgia estimated that it has saved students $2 million through the adoption of open educational resources (OER) since 2013. According to Edward Watson, director of the university’s Center for Teaching and Learning, “Our approach has been to pursue large enrollment courses using expensive textbooks. This has enabled us to maximize savings for […]

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Program-Based Assessment of Capstone ePortfolios for a Communication BA Curriculum

This article details a case of using ePortfolios in the evaluation process and assessment of the Department of Communication at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa. The program is guided by seven SLOs (student learning outcomes), which are demonstrable skills or abilities that students are expected to possess before receiving their degrees. The SLO framework […]


Examining the Role of Reflection in ePortfolios: A Case Study

Extended institutional experience with ePortfolios grounded and framed this qualitative case study guided by the research question: Why, how, and with what success is reflection, as a teaching/learning process, employed among ePortfolio projects at Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)? Thirty-two representatives of 16 varied ePortfolio projects in degree programs, campus-wide high-impact practices, and single courses […]


Applying Universal Design for Learning in Online Courses:Pedagogical and Practical Considerations

Inclusion of the universal design for learning (UDL) model as a guiding set of principles for online curriculum development in higher education is discussed. Fundamentally, UDL provides the student with multiple means of accessing the course based on three overarching principles: presentation; action and expression; and engagement and interaction. Guidelines are also provided for incorporating […]


An Investigation of University Student Readiness towards M-learning using Technology Acceptance Model

M-learning is learning delivered via mobile devices and mobile technology. The research indicates that this medium of learning has potential to enhance formal as well as informal learning.  However, acceptance of m-learning greatly depends upon the personal attitude of students towards this medium; therefore this study focuses only on the individual context in which the role […]


Usability Evaluation of the Student Centered e-Learning Environment

Student Centered e-Learning Environment (SCeLE) has substantial roles to support learning activities at Faculty of Computer Science, Universitas Indonesia (Fasilkom UI). Although it has been utilized for about 10 years, the usability aspect of SCeLE as an e-Learning system has not been evaluated. Therefore, the usability aspects of SCeLE Fasilkom UI as a learning support […]