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Degree on Their Own Time

One women’s college is making sure that all students who want a degree can earn one. Inside Higher Ed


Exclusive Interview

  Dr. Saba: What attracted you to the field of technology in education? Dr. Peterson: I was working as a psychologist and director of a family and child guidance in Pennsylvania. The clinic was part of the community mental health center in a rural area in the Allegheny mountains. One typical client would be a […]

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Central practitioners’ developing legitimate peripheral participation in a community of practice for changing schools

As new technologies continue to shape society, there has been a greater need for communities of practice to facilitate changing teaching and learning practices through technology in schools. Legitimate peripheral participation through these communities of practice has become an essential means to spread and support this technology integration movement, but understanding this participation in communities […]


Social capital from online discussion forums: Differences between online and blended modes of delivery

This study explored the concept of social capital in higher education contexts by investigating student discussion forum activity and academic performance. To address these aims online discussion forum logs, student marks and teaching delivery method (blended or fully online) data were extracted from the universities learning management system (LMS). Student social network centrality measures were […]

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Can SPOC (Self- Paced Online Course) Live Long and Prosper? A Comparison Study of a New Species of Online Course Delivery

Numerous formats exist for online course delivery: pure online, blended or hybrid, flipped and web-enhanced. The literature is replete with comparison studies on the efficacy of online, hybrid and traditional format courses. However, the self-paced online course, a relatively new and rare variation, has received very little coverage in the body of research on this […]

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When Learning Analytics Meets E-Learning

While student data systems are nothing new and most educators have been dealing with student data for many years, learning analytics has emerged as a new concept to capture educational big data. Learning analytics is about better understanding of the learning and teaching process and interpreting student data to improve their success and learning experiences. […]


MOOCs as a Method of Distance Education in the Arab World – A Review Paper

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) in the Arab World are still in their infancy. Many Arab countries are now starting to launch their MOOC platforms; however, there are only a few who have actually implemented such systems. This paper will explore online learning, in particular the rise of MOOCs around the world and their impact […]


Transactional Distance and Autonomy in a Distance Learning Environment

This paper studies the transactional distance between the students and the tutor as well as the autonomy of students in a postgraduate course of the Hellenic Open University (HOU). The aim of the paper is to examine how the relation between autonomy and transactional distance evolves during an academic year and how this relation is […]


FCC’s Wheeler defends net neutrality rules, discounts investment fears

Predictions from net neutrality opponents that regulations would choke off broadband investment haven’t come true, with several service providers announcing expansions in the four months since the U.S. Federal Communications Commission passed new rules, the agency’s chairman says. PC World Magazine

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EDUCAUSE Higher Ed IT Buyers Guide

New EDUCAUSE resource for finding IT solutions. EDUCAUSE