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Resource requirements and costs of developing and delivering MOOCs

Given the ongoing alarm regarding uncontrollable costs of higher education, it would be reasonable to expect not only concern about the impact of MOOCs on educational outcomes, but also systematic efforts to document the resources expended on their development and delivery. However, there is little publicly available information on MOOC costs that is based on […]


Where is research on massive open online courses headed? A data analysis of the MOOC Research Initiative

This paper reports on the results of an analysis of the research proposals submitted to the MOOC Research Initiative (MRI) funded by the Gates Foundation and administered by Athabasca University. The goal of MRI was to mobilize researchers to engage into critical interrogation of MOOCs. The submissions – 266 in Phase 1, out of which […]

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Unlimited Access Learning

The warfighter requires on-demand training, but traditional methods can be costly and time-consuming and keep warfighters away from their families. Today’s military is capable of delivering this training to the warfighter 24/7 on most mobile devices through distributed learning (DL). Military Training Full Article


When an LMS Dies

The Angel learning management system, after cheating death once, will officially retire in October 2016. Before then, hundreds of institutions will have to search for a new provider. Inside Higher Ed Full Article


Online tool will help train teachers of students with visual impairments

NIU’s Department of Special and Early Education and the eLearning Services Digital Convergence Lab have secured a federal grant to develop an online training tool to meet the needs of teachers of students with visual impairments nationwide. Northern Illinois University Press Release


TigerHub is new course planning, academic information site

Princeton University will launch a new online student portal, TigerHub, where undergraduate and graduate students plan and enroll in courses, access academic records and maintain personal information. TigerHub will launch the first week of November at and will replace the homepage of SCORE (the Student Course Online Registration Engine). Princeton University Press Release

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Educational triage in open distance learning: Walking a moral tightrope

This article provides a conceptual framework to realise the potential of educational triage to responsibly and ethically respond to legitimate concerns about the “revolving door” in distance and online learning and the sustainability of higher education, without compromising ‘openness.’ The conceptual framework does not attempt to provide a detailed map, but rather a compass consisting […]


Methodological Issues in Mobile Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning (mCSCL): What Methods, What to Measure and When to Measure?

This study aims to investigate (1) methods utilized in mobile computer-supported collaborative learning (mCSCL) research which focuses on studying, learning and collaboration mediated by mobile devices; (2) whether these methods have examined mCSCL effectively; (3) when the methods are administered; and (4) what methodological issues exist in mCSCL studies. It attempts to bring to light […]


A Review of Research on Mobile Learning in Teacher Education

Mobile devices have become attractive learning devices for education. While the majority of the existing research has focused primarily on the value of mobile learning for students, researchers have recently started exploring its potentials within teacher development. The present qualitative synthesis of quantitative and qualitative research aimed to address trends and gaps observed in the […]


Another Brick in the Wall? Increased Challenges Face the Physical Campus

Presidents, trustees and senior administrators at New England colleges and universities all feel the pressures: keep tuition down, be competitive academically and make sure the physical campus draws talent from a shrinking pool of traditional high school graduates and new nontraditional students. Given resource limitations, something’s got to give and, for many campuses, investment in […]