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Download White Paper: Everywhere and Anytime, Here and Now: Digital and Residential Education at Harvard

Launched in 2012, in parallel with Harvard and MIT’s joint announcement of the edX online learning platform, HarvardX has served as an organizing force and a testbed for emerging approaches to teaching. Since its founding, HarvardX has expanded considerably, engaging much of the University community and yielding informative and encouraging results—and new avenues for exploration. […]


Blending Formal and Informal Learning Networks for Online Learning

With the emergence of social software and the advance of web-based technologies, online learning networks provide invaluable opportunities for learning, whether formal or informal. Unlike top-down, instructor-centered, and carefully planned formal learning settings, informal learning networks offer more bottom-up, student-centered participatory but somewhat disorganized learning opportunities for students. This paper presents a research study where […]


Identifying Tensions in the Use of Open Licenses in OER Repositories

We present an analysis of 50 repositories for educational content conducted through an “audit system” that helped us classify these repositories, their software systems, promoters, and how they communicated their licensing practices. We randomly accessed five resources from each repository to investigate the alignment of licensing information between the resources themselves, metadata pages and overall […]


Winning One Program at a Time: A Systemic Approach

Many Universities are missing an opportunity to focus student recruitment marketing efforts and budget at the program level, which can offer lower priced advertising opportunities with higher conversion rates than traditional University level marketing initiatives. At NC State University, we have begun to deploy a scalable, low-cost, program level marketing system across 18 online and […]


Faculty Professional Development and Student Satisfaction in Online Higher Education

With the ever-increasing availability of online education opportunities, understanding the factors that influence online student satisfaction and success is vital to enable administrators to engage and retain this important stakeholder group. The purpose of this ex-post-facto, nonexperimental quantitative study was to investigate the impact of faculty professional development, faculty degree status, and faculty longevity upon […]

Online professional learning for rural teachers of mathematics and science

Professional learning is crucial for the ongoing development of teachers and the improvement of student outcomes. Professional learning in mathematics and science education has the potential to address concerns about shortages in these areas and their impact on economic growth. However, attendance at face-to-face professional learning is problematic for many teachers located in rural areas. […]


Design and evaluation of an online tool for open learning with blogs

Blogs are used in higher education to support face-to-face courses, to organise online courses, and to open up courses for a wider group of participants. However the open and distributed nature of blogs creates problems that are not common in other learning contexts. Four key challenges related to the use of blogs in learning were […]


E-learning is missing link in internationalisation

Higher education institutions worldwide are subject to pressures that have grown in number and complexity. They recognise that the quality of their activities – research, teaching and learning and societal engagement – is integrally dependent upon sound internationalisation and digitalisation strategies (among other factors). University World News


Students say campus technology needs major overhaul–but why?

One-third of students feel student administration systems do not meet their expectations, making them less likely to recommend the institution. Unit4, an enterprise applications for service organizations company revealed this result as part of a multi-national research study on students’ perceptions of their campus technology. The survey also found that 7 in 10 students would […]


Next-Level Benchmarking: How Do You Measure Up?

Learn how the EDUCAUSE Benchmarking Service takes the use of analytics to the next level by helping CIOs and other campus leaders measure progress on campus-wide strategic initiatives. EDUCAUSE