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YouTube will stop working on older Apple TVs, iPads, smart TVs, consoles, and more

YouTube is saying good-bye to its past and many aging tablets, smartphones, and set-top boxes are going to be caught in the cross-fire. If you’ve got a first generation iPad, anything older than an iPhone 4, or a second-generation Apple TV or older, your device’s built-in YouTube app will stop working soon. TechHive  

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10 free apps to build logic skills

These days, logic games aren’t all crosswords and pairs matching, especially not on mobile devices. Dozens of challenging and engaging puzzles, games, and brain teasers are available, and a surprising number are free—either fully or via trial versions. eSchool News


Why mobile is creating a revolution in personalized blended learning

Nearly two decades have passed since the advent of the internet and already the face of education has been fundamentally turned on its head. Schools of every kind around the world have had to make sweeping changes to the way curriculum is designed and delivered in the internet age. eCampus News


Change, but How Substantive?

Arizona State University has yet to brief its accreditor about plans to award credit through massive open online courses to thousands of students at the same time. While the university is unconcerned, accreditation experts are unsure if federal or regional regulations could derail the initiative. Inside Higher Ed


Tools That Limit Distraction May Raise Student Performance in Online Classes

For students taking courses online, the endless distractions of the Internet can be a hindrance to success. But using software to limit those diversions can make a big difference. That’s the takeaway from a new study, which found that limiting distractions can help students perform better and also improve course completion. Wired Campus

The Birth of Artificial Intelligence

Partnering to Advance Learning in a Technology-Enhanced World

Building environments that afford new, high-impact learning opportunities for tomorrow’s citizens and workforce requires collaborative expertise. Integrating the science of learning into technology-enhanced learning environments and developing a research agenda and methodologies to iteratively discover more about learning in these environments depend on multifaceted partnerships. EDUCAUSE  

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Mobile Learning in the UK Today: Success, Failures, Future

In the last decade, mobile learning has taken an exponential rise in both the scholarly and practitioner community in the United Kingdom (UK). This rise has stemmed from the development of new mobile technologies with unique affordances that offers opportunities to extend pedagogical boundaries. This short paper provides experts perceptions on the mobile learning movement […]


Introducing Glokalde: Official e-joiurnla of United Distance Education for Eastern Europe western Asia Northern Africa

GLOKALde is international a peer-reviewed quarterly e-journal. International in scope, this scholarly e-journal publishes refereed articles focusing on the issues and challenges of providing theory, research and information services to global learners in any kind of distance education or open learning applications. GLOKALde is an official e-journal of UDEEEWANA-United Distance Education for Eastern Europe western […]


Alexandria – A Virtual Repository of Knowledge

Virtual worlds are development platforms, similar to sandbox games where users are able to interact with each other with no predefined goal. Due to immersive visual feedback, these platforms have been successfully used in the past to create lesson plans and materials used for undergraduate and, graduate education as well as for  and recreation. To […]


Virtual Teaming and Digital Learning Strategies: Preparing Students for a Global Workplace

Many organizations use technology and social media as the cost-effective, even the preferred, rapid communication and teaming modality. University students must consequently be more than just Facebook ready to meet the greater business needs. They must possess fluency in the selection and use of computer mediated communication and virtual teaming applications. The paper examines the […]