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Economies of the Internet

What we do when we are online is inextricably linked to economics. Restrictions on commercial use of the Internet were lifted in 1991 and a small number of commercial sites existed on the Web even prior to its popularization from 1993–94. Today, tweeting news events, searching for information on movie screenings, talking to others, or […]


Special Issue: Best Papers Presented at the OLC 21st International Conference on Online Learning and Innovate 2016

In April, 2016, the Online Learning Consortium initiated a new conference, OLC Innovate: Innovations in Blended and Online Learning. Table of Contents SECTION I: 2016 OLC CONFERENCE INVITED PAPERS Introduction to the Special Issue: Best Papers Presented at the OLC 21st International Conference 􀀜 on Online Learning and Innovate 2016 Anthony G. Picciano, Paige L. […]

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Teaching Multiple Online Sections/Courses: Tactics and Techniques

The challenge of teaching online increases as the number of sections or courses increase in a semester. The tactics and techniques which enrich online instruction in the tradition of quality matters can be modified and adapted to the demands of multiple instructional needs during a semester. This paper addresses time management and instructional design strategies […]


Exploring Communication and Course Format: Conversation Frequency and Duration, Student Motives, and Perceived Teacher Approachability for Out-of-Class Contact

This study explored how course instructional format (i.e., online, face-to-face, or hybrid) is related to the frequency and duration of out-of-class communication (OCC) between college instructors and students, to student motives for communicating with teachers, and to perceived teacher approachability for conversation outside of class. Though differences in frequency of and student motives for engaging […]


Development of Open Textbooks Learning Analytics System

Textbook costs have skyrocketed in recent years, putting them beyond the reach of many students, but there are options which can mitigate this problem. Open textbooks, an open educational resource, have proven capable of making textbooks affordable to students. There have been few educational development as promising as the development of open textbooks to lower […]

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An Analysis of Density and Degree-Centrality According to the Social Networking Structure Formed in an Online Learning Environment

In this study, we assessed the communication structure in an educational online learning environment using social network analysis (SNA). The communication structure was examined with respect to time, and instructors’ participation. The course was implemented using ELGG, a network learning environment, blended with face-to-face sessions over a 14-week period. Data were collected from 114 undergraduate […]


6 steps to successfully break the print textbook model

Why we can’t answer 21st century demands to adopt new, affordable types of course content with an outdated 20th century model for buying print textbooks. eCampus News


Digital Archive Shares In-Depth Stories of Black America

With stories from President Barack Obama, Gen. Colin Powell, B.B. King Langston Hughes’ assistant and more than 2,700 others, The HistoryMakers is the largest African-American oral video archive in the world. Carnegie Mellon University 


McGraw-Hill Education Digital Study Trends: Student Habits

4 Out of 5 Students Agree: Digital Learning Technology Has a Positive Impact on Their Grades 84% of students report that the use of technology improves their education 81% report that digital learning technology helps save them time and be more efficient 81% claim that digital learning technology is helping them boost their grades McGraw-Hill […]


California’s New Playbook For Online Education

Among the dismal track records for statewide online higher education initiatives, California’s is unquestionably the worst. It started in 1997 when California Virtual University was established by UC, CSU, the California Community College system, and independent colleges as a clearinghouse for existing online course offerings. Following a lack of funding, planning and leadership, CVU was […]