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FCC asks whether to ‘keep, modify, or eliminate’ net neutrality rules

A U.S. Federal Communications Commission proposal to scrap the foundation for its own 2015 net neutrality rules nevertheless asks for public comment on whether it should “keep, modify, or eliminate” basic protections. Macworld

Purdue’s Bold Move

Purdue University’s acquisition of Kaplan University is an unexpected tectonic shift in American higher education, revealing both the changing roles of public universities and the dwindling fortunes of for-profit colleges. Inside Higher Ed

Building Reflective Practice Through an Online Diversity Simulation in an Undergraduate Teacher Education Program

This paper discusses preservice teachers’ perceptions of an online, in-house diversity simulation in an undergraduate teacher education program conducted over a 3-year period. The diversity simulation was a nontraditional capstone experience for 193 preservice teachers in majors ranging from early childhood to secondary education. The diversity simulation included scenarios at the kindergarten, middle school, and […]

Student success and retention using new definitions created for nonterm, direct assessment CBE

Nonterm, direct assessment competency-based education gives students unique options for tailoring their coursework to fit their individual needs. These options invalidate traditional measures of student retention and success (such as such as yearly retention, grade point average, or 4-year graduation rates) that assume all students will complete courses at the same rate and will remain […]

The dark side of higher ed’s ePortfolios-what really happened

Pre-dating the widespread use of blogs and personal websites, the 1990s era ePortfolio inspired storytelling about lifelong learning and everything that entails: formal schooling, personal reflection, career planning, presentations of evidence to assist in life transitions, and snapshots of abilities and character. This generalized use–the ability to do many things reasonably well–made the ePortfolio a […]

Professional Certificate Programs: Delivering real job impact and critical skills you need to stand out

Today, we are proud to announce the launch of Professional Certificate programs, the latest offering to further our mission to increase access to education that today’s global, connected learner demands. edX

Blackboard’s All-of-the-Above Strategy

The education company wants to be a cutting-edge software provider and support colleges using older versions. Analysts and some colleges worry the company is stretching itself too thin. Inside Higher Ed

Higher Level Decisions — One University’s Cloud Strategy

Aging hardware, failing servers, interrupted e-mail service — these were some of the painful elements that initially prompted UTC’s serious consideration of a cloud migration for office and productivity solutions. But the ultimate result was a major shift to a much wider cloud strategy that offers wins in many areas for better services and economy. […]

Bloom’s Taxonomy: Past, Present, and Future from Theory to Practice in Course Development and Curricula

Bloom’s Taxonomy…Past, Present, and Future from Theory to Practice in Course Development and Curricula By: Dr. Tim Becker   Abstract Bloom’s Taxonomy originated in the mid 1950’s with a hierarchical (triangle-shaped) structure indicating the “flow” or steps (6 Levels) of learning and was revised to focus more on the cognitive steps of learning in 2001. While […]

Online Learning and Institutional Resilience

Should every institution develop some capacity for online learning? What about small residential colleges, places that differentiate around an in-person residential learning experience? Inside Higher Ed