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Canadian Faculty Union Warns That Student Postings of Lectures Could Violate Copyright Law

The faculty union at the University of Manitoba, in Canada, sent an e-mail message to its members this month alerting them to a popular Web site where students are sharing course materials, including what the union calls professors’ “intellectual property.”SOURCE: Wired CampusRead the Full Article

Net Neutrality Is Too Regulatory, but Stop Online Piracy Isn’t?

Several Republicans in the U.S. Congress who voted this year to overturn net neutrality rules — with most opponents arguing the rules would create the first-ever regulation of the Internet — have now signed on to sponsor one of two bills that would allow the U.S. Department of Justice to seek court orders to shut […]

Google Scholar Opens Up Its Citations

Anyone can now track his or her citations via Google Scholar. The free citation service is “a simple way for authors to compute their citation metrics and track them over time,” the company said in an announcement yesterday on the Google Scholar blog. Google announced a limited-release test of the service in July.SOURCE: The Chronicle […]

Fair Use and Felony

WASHINGTON — A bill under consideration in Congress could make it easier for federal prosecutors to bring criminal charges against academic libraries for unduly making copyrighted materials available to students, according to a letter sent to lawmakers on Tuesday by a group of influential library associations.SOURCE: Inside Higher EdRead the Full Article

Tightening the Net: Intellectual property micro-regimes and peer-to-peer practice in higher education networks

This paper examines recent responses by U.S. university administrators to the volume and legal challenges surrounding on–campus and in–residence peer–to–peer (P2P) traffic. Since the earliest days of online P2P activity, universities have served as key flashpoints in the broader file sharing and intellectual property debates. But while there has been considerable attention to the emerging […]