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Ed-Tech Market Dealmaking Fueled by Data Use

The increasing use of data generated by education technology in K-12 is driving more sophisticated conversations among dealmakers looking to buy or sell companies that serve schools. Education Week Full Article

Putting the PLE1 Into PLD: Virtual Professional Learning and Development

The range of affordances that a virtual environment offers can provide opportunities for more formal Professional Learning and Development (PLD) that has flexibility of choice, time and approach for educators. It was this potential that inspired the design of the Virtual Professional Learning and Development (VPLD) program that was instigated in October 2009 by the […]

Sumtotal June Online Events Focus on How Data Analytics Influence Compliance in Learning, Workforce and Talent Management

Gainesville, Fla.– June 11, 2014 – SumTotal® Systems, LLC, the largest independent provider of learning and HR solutions, today announced its June webinar series focusing on how organizations can use HR information and other big-data analytics to improve workforce productivity, meet regulatory requirements and improve their bottom line. Sumtotal Press Release

E-learning in Economics and Business

E-learning is broadening education horizons all over the world. The contribution sought by this work is to evidence innovations and practices that are applied in teaching environments and fields of knowledge connected to Economics and Business in an on-line environment. In this sense, some contributions related to concepts and subjects considered as emergent, are presented […]

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Proposing A Metaliteracy Model To Redefine Information Literacy

Metaliteracy is envisioned as a comprehensive model for information literacy to advance critical thinking and reflection in social media, open learning settings, and online communities. At this critical time in higher education, an expansion of the original definition of information literacy is required to include the interactive production and sharing of original and repurposed digital […]

Ex-Yale President to Join Online Education Venture

Richard C. Levin, who stepped down as president of Yale University in June, will next month become the chief executive of Coursera, a California-based provider of online academic courses.  The New York Times Full Article

Learning When Serious: Psychophysiological Evaluation of a Technology-Enhanced Learning Game

We report an evaluation study for a novel learning platform, motivated by the growing need for methods to do assessment of serious game efficacy. The study was a laboratory experiment combining evaluation methods from the fields of learning assessment and psychophysiology. 15 participants used the TARGET game platform for 25 minutes, while the bio-signals electrocardiography, […]

Guest Editorial: Game Based Learning for 21st Century Transferable Skills: Challenges and Opportunities

Digital serious games (SGs) (Gee, 2003; Prensky, 2003) offer a high potential to foster and support learning in educational and training settings. SGs aim at improving learning processes by providing attractive, motivating and effective tools. So far, effectiveness of SGs has been shown by recent studies (e.g., Connolly et al., 2012; Wouters et al., 2013), […]

A ‘mobile first’ approach to educational technology

Mobile devices’ are increasingly to be found in schools, and utilized for learning purposes, around the world. In most cases, related discussions taking place in ministries of education focus on the use of portable tablets and small laptops as complements to, and extenders of, existing approaches to the use of technology to help meet a […]

Millenials: Get Your Idea For a Company Off the Ground with StudentStart.IT

I have been running into the same scenario a lot recently: I interview a millenial startup founder and immediately feel like I have done nothing with my life. Take Christina Nanfeldt. She is majoring in Entrepreneurship at George Washington University (GW), and because the school doesn’t actually have a major for it, she has created […]