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PLATO Offers Students Personalized Learning

The University of Mississippi’s College of Liberal Arts is implementing a method of personalized learning for students in large courses. 

Designing Adaptive Learning and Assessment in HarvardX: Collaborative Project by Harvard University and TutorGen

There is an indisputable need for evidence-based instructional designs that create the optimal conditions for learners with different knowledge, skills and motivations to succeed in MOOCs. Harvard University partnered with TutorGen to explore the feasibility of adaptive learning and assessment technology implications of adaptive functionality to course (re)design in HarvardX, and examine the effects on […]

Foundations of quality in competency-based programs: Competencies and assessments

Although there is a recent rise in attention surrounding competency-based education, this learning modality has a long history. Competency-based education was first introduced in the United States during the 1960s in an effort to ensure students were being prepared for postsecondary life with the skills they would need to be successful. Competency-based education was based […]

HarvardX rolls out new adaptive learning feature in online course

Students in MOOC adaptive learning experiment scored nearly 20 percent better than students using more traditional learning approaches. Edscoop

Computerized Dynamic Adaptive Tests with Immediately Individualized Feedback for Primary School Mathematics Learning

In this study, a computerized dynamic assessment test with both immediately individualized feedback and adaptively property was applied to Mathematics learning in primary school. For evaluating the effectiveness of the computerized dynamic adaptive test, the performances of three types of remedial instructions were compared by a pre-test/post-test nonequivalent group design. These remedial instructions are the […]

Conversational Agents Improve Peer Learning through Building on Prior Knowledge

Research in computer-supported collaborative learning has indicated that conversational agents can be pedagogically beneficial when used to scaffold students’ online discussions. In this study, we investigate the impact of an agile conversational agent that triggers student dialogue by making interventions based on the academically productive talk framework. An experimental activity in the context of a […]

Personalized Learning and the ‘Internet of Things:’ Q&A

Can the “Internet of Things” help teachers observe the hidden dimensions of human learning in real time, without compromising student privacy? It’s a “moonshot,” said the leaders of a new multidisciplinary research initiative at the University of Southern California. But it’s worth a try. Education Week 

New trend has massive implications for personalized learning

A new era of personalized learning means IT and edtech leaders must focus on digital cohesion. eCampus News


7 Things You Should Know About Adaptive Learning Adaptive learning is one technique for providing personalized learning, which aims to provide efficient, effective, and customized learning paths to engage each student.Adaptive learning systems use a data-driven approach to adjust the path and pace of learning, enabling the delivery of personalized learning at scale. Adaptive systems can […]

Adaptive learning featured in HarvardX course

Prototype explores technological feasibility, implications, and design of such systems for massive open online courses Harvard Gazette