Cargill Switches to KnowledgeNet for Worldwide Employee Development

April 9, 2002

KnowledgeNet® Inc., the leading supplier of next-generation e-learning solutions, today announced that Cargill, an international marketer, processor, and distributor of agricultural, food, financial and industrial products and services, has chosen KnowledgeNet to provide Web-based courseware that aligns with Cargill’s e-learning strategy. KnowledgeNet’s extensive library of next-generation courseware will replace Cargill’s existing library, and will be made available to business managers and administrators around the world. The contract is a multi-year agreement with provisions to incorporate future KnowledgeNet e-learning products.

The high quality of KnowledgeNet’s e-learning and its proven effectiveness were foremost among Cargill’s criteria in its decision to standardize its IT training on KnowledgeNet. Additionally, KnowledgeNet successfully demonstrated that its e-learning content could be quickly and easily integrated with Cargill’s existing learning management system (LMS).

Kim Miller, manager of training and development at Cargill, is responsible for ensuring that internal training services map closely to Cargill’s business objectives. Her group deploys training solutions to Cargill’s thousands of employees worldwide. Miller noted that knowledge transfer – the actual retention of what is learned during training – is of paramount importance in Cargill’s overall employee development strategy, and an area where KnowledgeNet’s e-learning solutions were particularly relevant.

“We were looking for an e-learning solution that would offer our employees improved training accessibility and effectiveness, while minimizing the time they spend in a classroom or online,” said Miller. “KnowledgeNet’s e-learning products will provide us with the efficiencies of online learning, coupled with the instructional design and testing characteristics normally associated with instructor-led training.”

Miller’s observations were echoed by Steve Nguyen, Cargill’s e-learning specialist assigned to evaluate various e-learning solutions. “When we compared KnowledgeNet’s e-learning content to that from other vendors, we were struck by its visual interactivity and sound instructional design, as well as the extensive use of simulations and built-in labs. These features ensure high retention of the content, and allow learners to experiment and practice online, and then immediately translate what they’ve learned into improved on-the-job efficiency,” commented Nguyen. “KnowledgeNet’s presentation of complex concepts was cleaner and better illustrated than that of other vendors’ products, and the built-in testing capabilities of the courseware were more flexible compared to anything we had previously seen.”

Integration with existing LMS a crucial factor, but surprisingly easy with KnowledgeNet

Learning management systems have become a popular way to streamline the administration of training programs and derive maximum return on training investments. Cargill uses a proprietary LMS called Intranet U from ATC, Inc. The Intranet U LMS software, internally branded as “Learninglinks,” is Cargill’s primary vehicle for ensuring that training investments support business objectives, for driving employee awareness of what training is available, and for managing the delivery of training. KnowledgeNet’s smooth integration with this AICC compliant LMS was therefore of critical importance. KnowledgeNet’s Open Learning Architecture (OLA) enabled this integration to be completed with less than ten hours of technical effort.

“This project was one of the easiest AICC integrations we’ve ever done,” noted Larry Erickson, President of ATC and architect of the Intranet U enterprise software. “KnowledgeNet’s technical staff have a high level of expertise and a partnering attitude. This made it possible for us to serve Cargill’s needs quickly.”

Cargill’s Miller added, “KnowledgeNet’s responsiveness and proactive attitude was a significant factor in our final decision. They brought potential integration issues to our attention long before we even knew they were issues, and we view KnowledgeNet as more of a business partner than a vendor or supplier.”

“Our agreement and strong working relationship with Cargill is representative of the partnership approach we take with all our customers,” commented Tom Graunke, CEO and co-founder of KnowledgeNet. “We welcome Cargill to our roster of blue-chip customers and look forward to ensuring that all their e-learning needs are met and exceeded.”

About Cargill

Cargill ( is an international marketer, processor and distributor of agricultural, food, financial and industrial products and services with 90,000 employees in 57 countries. The company provides distinctive customer solutions in supply chain management, food applications and health and nutrition.

About KnowledgeNet Inc.

KnowledgeNet delivers next-generation, internet-based training — “e-learning” — that enables enterprises and individuals alike to enjoy online training with the freshest content and best instructional design possible with hands on experience. The Company’s over 1,000 courses of synchronous and asynchronous content delivery solutions represent an integrated suite of e-learning products that can be easily customized to suit individual learning styles. KnowledgeNet has received nearly a dozen industry distinctions for its e-learning solutions. KnowledgeNet is a Cisco Learning Solutions Partner, and is a Microsoft Certified Technical Education Center (CTEC) as well as a Microsoft Certified Partner. Customers include blue-chip companies and institutions such as AT&T, Cisco, EMC, GE, Lockheed Martin, Sun Microsystems and WorldCom. Founded in 1998, KnowledgeNet is a privately held company based in Phoenix, Arizona and is backed by Cisco Systems, Morgenthaler Ventures, Sierra Ventures, Trinity Ventures, and Berkeley International Capital Corporation.

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