Campus Pipeline Enters 2002 Running — Delivers New Web Platform and Six New Products

January 17, 2002

Campus Pipeline, Inc.announced it has delivered the latest upgrade of the Campus Pipeline™ Web Platform 3.1, and six new products that expand the Web Platform’s enterprise functionality and customization capabilities.

The Campus Pipeline Web Platform serves as a foundation for the unified digital

campus, integrating campus technologies, student information systems (SIS),

learning management systems (LMS), academic resources, campus news, and other

services into a central network that can be accessed through a single sign-on

password from any Web-enabled computer.

The new products, extensions of the Campus Pipeline Web Platform product line,

help to broaden a school’s digital campus by providing handheld device

access; personalized content delivery; portal building tools for groups, classes,

and campus organizations; and other features.

“These new products, coupled with the Web Platform, will make our digital

campus a user-friendly and attractive resource for all our campus constituents,”

said Andrew J. Golub, vice president of information resources at the University

of New England, who participated in a beta program for the new products.

The six new products are bundled and sold as two separate packages. Line Extension

Package 1 includes the following three products:

  • Personalized Content Delivery 1.0 – Enables institutions to make every

    constituent’s campus experience as unique and tailored as possible by

    delivering only those Web-page views and emails that are applicable to an

    individual’s specific role (i.e. student, faculty, alumni) or area of

    study. In addition, system administrators will save time by delegating content

    updating privileges to non-technical managers, rather than having to run updates

    through the IT office.

  • Handheld Sync 1.0 – Addresses the growing use of handheld devices and

    synchronizes the Campus Pipeline calendar with Palm™, Windows® CE,

    and Pocket PC® operating systems for anytime, anywhere wireless access.

  • Secure Transport 1.0 – Extends existing security features and prevents

    eavesdropping and data tampering by creating a point-to-point, secure data

    transport channel between the Campus Pipeline Web Platform and the school’s

    SIS, LMS, or other software integrated with the Web Platform.

Line Extension Package 2 includes the following three products:

  • Group Portal 1.0 – Improves the way campus groups form, interact, and

    stay connected through private Web communities that can be easily managed

    by non-technical group members, rather than through the IT department. The

  • Group Portal includes a variety of community tools such as message boards,

    chat, photo gallery, calendar, and news postings. It also contains a streamlined

    workflow process that provides the institution with better control over both

    the groups and content created.

  • Group Maker 1.0 – Creates and administers group lists, making it possible

    to target specific audiences and send announcements based on any system attribute

    including area of study, year of graduation, etc. Use of this tool enables

    postage fees to increasingly be diverted to other areas.

  • Course Consolidator 1.0 – Allows instructors to save time by consolidating

    sections and managing a single course homepage, compared with managing separate

    course home pages for every course and course section taught. It also helps

    coordinate access to the tools and information sources needed for online learning

    environments, regardless of which LMS vendor the institution chooses.

  • The new version 3.1 of the Campus Pipeline Web Platform includes a new Course

    Portal feature that provides easier access to Campus Pipeline course tools,

    as well as those from any LMS. Version 3.1 also includes portal content, directory,

    and messaging server upgrades.

In addition to integration software products and applications, Campus Pipeline

also provides customized technical and functional consulting and training services.

Each is designed to support the entire scope of a Campus Pipeline Web Platform

implementation, from assessing campus readiness and project planning to installation

and rollout. Premium service bundles include process and organizational design,

development and integration of specialized technologies, training for students,

faculty, and staff, and campus-wide communication support.

“Campus Pipeline quickly and effectively trained our staff, and provided

excellent support throughout the beta program,” said Susan Mellady, director

of information technology and lead of the Campus Pipeline project at the University

of New England. “We are pleased to have participated in the 3.1 Web Platform

and line extension product beta and look forward to working with Campus Pipeline

as we continue to expand and unify our digital campus.”

“Campus Pipeline products deliver unmatched features and applications

with out-of-the-box simplicity,” said Andy Cooley, senior vice president

of marketing and product management at Campus Pipeline. “Customers from

more than 125 enterprise implementations of the Campus Pipeline Web Platform

tell us that having the applications, portal, and integration capability all

in one package simplifies the process of building a digital campus. The openness

and integration capabilities of the Web Platform help ensure that the digital

campus can grow based on campus needs, incorporating the systems and applications

that best serve constituents now and in the future.”

About Campus Pipeline, Inc.

Campus Pipeline, Inc., an Upside Hot 100 Internet Infrastructure award winner,

delivers enterprise software and services to unify the digital campus. Through

the Campus Pipeline Web Platform and the Campus Pipeline Luminis™ product

family, more than 100 colleges and universities worldwide have created comprehensive

online environments for unifying administrative services, campus news, distance

learning and other services within their higher education communities. Campus

Pipeline product development, integration, and strategic partners include Dell,

Documentum, iPlanet E-Commerce Solutions, JA-SIG, SCT, Sun Microsystems, Talis

Information Limited, TIAA-CREF, and WebCT. Investors, including American Express,

Dell Computer Corp, General Motors, Hewlett-Packard, Inktomi, Lynx Technology,

Meritech Capital Partners, and Oak Investment Partners, back the Salt Lake City-based

company. For more information, visit

or call 888.682.PIPE.


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