Campus Pipeline Announces Luminis File Sharing and Collaborative Applications

September 30, 2002

SALT LAKE CITY—September 27, 2002—Campus Pipeline, Inc. today demonstrated the strength and flexibility of the Luminis(TM) product family as a development platform for expanding the digital campus by announcing the delivery of three new products—Luminis(TM) L:Drive, Luminis(TM) Group Studio, and Luminis(TM) Software Development Kit (SDK).

The Luminis product family is an array of flexible software solutions that unify, manage, and extend the digital campus. Through two new add-on applications and a new SDK, colleges and universities have more options for broadening the types of information and services they deliver online to students, faculty, staff, and all other campus constituents.

“When institutions of higher education asked for help unifying their digital campuses, we answered the call,” said Andy Cooley, senior vice president of marketing and product management at Campus Pipeline. “Institutions are now ready to expand and evolve those digital campuses. Our Luminis products provide a solid development platform for adding systems and applications, whether purchased from Campus Pipeline, another vendor, or homegrown.”

New Luminis Applications

The Luminis product family enables higher education institutions to deliver highly personalized information, online services and community interaction to every campus constituent. The two new file sharing and group collaboration applications deliver innovative solutions for commonly requested digital campus features.

The Luminis L:Drive file storage and sharing application improves collaboration and communication among students, faculty, and administrators by allowing them to centrally store files and share access to those files with others. L:Drive is a secured, enterprise-class file storage and management application that leverages Campus Pipeline’s integrated, market-proven Documentum technology. L:Drive can be deployed in a personal edition that allows individuals to store and share files. It will also be available in a group edition that will allow groups and/or courses to establish file repositories for an entire group. L:Drive will be presented as a channel option in the Luminis portal, making access easy from any supported browser and adding another valuable reason to use the digital campus.

Luminis Group Studio is the next generation of Campus Pipeline’s highly successful Group Portal feature. With Group Studio, leaders of campus groups can manage most of the day-to-day aspects of their online collaborative environment, including general content updates, user management, and application management. They can also create sub-groups based on a parent group. Examples of campus groups could include, student clubs, student government, honor societies, community service groups, faculty committees, administrative groups, orientation groups, and project teams. Groups can be established based on user profile meaning that groups can dynamically respond to changes in membership without any additional management tasks. The new Group Studio will help reduce the burden currently on IT for managing group Web pages by giving more administrative power to the group leaders. It will also help improve group loyalty and interest by providing a more dynamic and relevant gathering place.

New Luminis SDK

The new Luminis Software Development Kit gives unparalleled choice, flexibility, and utility to help institutions rapidly achieve their technology objectives. The SDK offers unprecedented levels of interoperability between the campus portal and the rest of the disparate systems at an institution. In addition to partner institutions, third-party software vendors also have access to the tools they need to provide out-of-the-box integration with the Luminis product family to their higher education customers. The SDK provides documentation, sample code, development tools, runtime libraries, and a developer support network, enabling developers to address precise system needs for application development, integration, customizability, and interoperability.

All Luminis SDK components are delivered as part of the Luminis product family, allowing institutions to freely apply the SDK tools in the way that best meets their needs. The individual components included in the Luminis SDK include:

· Luminis User Interface SDK—Provides a quick and easy way to integrate existing Web applications into the Luminis user interface and to develop uPortal channels.

· Luminis User and Group SDK—Gives developers the capability to read and write user and group data using Java API calls, Web Services (SOAP) and standard LDAP.

· Luminis Security SDK—Eases the integration of existing and future Web and channel applications into the Luminis Platform using single sign-on. It also allows for the integration of external authentication sources.

· Luminis Communication SDK—Allows developers to access Luminis business logic for targeted announcements either locally, using Java API calls, or remotely, using Web Services and SOAP.

· Luminis Data Integration SDK—Enables developers to synchronize data in real time among student information systems, learning management systems, and Campus Pipeline offerings. It also facilitates the real-time synchronization of other campus systems and applications, including homegrown, legacy, and future systems.

Availability and Pricing

The L:Drive and Group Studio applications are scheduled to be available in mid 2003. The Luminis User Interface and Security SDKs are scheduled for release at the end of the year. All other Luminis SDKs will are scheduled to be available in mid 2003. Pricing for Campus Pipeline technologies varies based on institution size, customization, and services requirements. For more information or to schedule a personal demonstration, please call 888.682.7473 x161 or email

About Campus Pipeline, Inc.

Campus Pipeline, Inc., delivers software and services for higher education, helping institutions unify campus data, enterprise applications, and services into a web-centralized “digital campus.” Today more than 200 colleges and universities worldwide use Campus Pipeline technologies including the Campus Pipeline(TM) Web Platform, the industry’s first and most widely used Web platform, and the Campus Pipeline(TM) Luminis(TM) family of platform, content management, and integration products, to build their unique vision of a unified digital campus. For more information, call 888.682.PIPE or visit

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