California Department of Education Personalizes Information and Targets Data to Meet Educators’ Needs

June 20, 2002

iAssessment, a provider of technology solutions for the K-12 education market, has announced the California Department of Education (CDE) has extended its contract and licensing agreement.

As part of the deal, California Department of Education through CTAP2 (California Technology Assistance Project/California Technology Assessment Profile) will use the iAssessment Gateway Presentation System™ (GPS) for its statewide Web portal resources for educational assessment.

The solution provides educators and administrators easy access to online evaluation and reporting tools, news and announcements as well as current professional development opportunities. The technology will automate data management and reporting capabilities for administrators.

According to the California Department of Education, with GPS, the project will enable schools to organize its online evaluation and reporting tools into easily accessible categories, or channels. Providing more than 240,000 educators and administrators with quick, simple access to online resources to help support their professional development focusing on integrating technology into the classroom curriculum.

“Data driven decision making is a critical component of education reform. For our schools to be successful, we need to equip them with the best data collection and assessment tools to help monitor their technology professional development efforts,” said Gary Quiring, consultant for the California Department of Education.

Through the CTAP2 Web system, educators and administrators will also be able to access CTAP2’s proficiency assessment applications and data via personal environments based on pre-selected interest and educational responsibilities. In addition to these features, administrators can send out targeted announcements to specific audiences, with distribution criterias diverse as all educators in one region, or as narrow as a single grade level in one school.

“Schools and districts typically have under utilized resources, as they struggle to provide continuity in management and system accessibility,” said Dan Cookson, COO for iAssessment. “CTAP2 is ahead of the curve, helping educators and administrators leverage knowledge assets and focus on true education reform. The organization is taking full advantage of personalized information and data targeted to each user’s need, not spending valuable time searching through systems or information for what they need.