Cal State Fullerton Debuts Its First Online Master’s Degree Program

July 31, 2002

Based on a growing demand by military personnel, industry professionals and teachers who are seeking advanced education in instructional design, Cal State Fullerton is introducing an online master of science degree in instructional design and technology.

Aug. 2 is the registration deadline for the program’s September launch.

It will be the university’s first online master’s degree program, bringing the overall number of degree programs offered by CSUF to 102.

“The program’s online nature helps the university to meet the goal of delivering innovative education and respond to national trends in alternative delivery of instruction,” said JoAnn Carter-Wells, professor of reading, program coordinator and faculty technology coordinator for the College of Human Development and Community Service.

The 20-month program is designed for professionals who wish to further their skills and knowledge in instructional design, and using technology for teaching, learning and curriculum development. It also is targeted to preparing individuals for careers as software consultants; instructional technology trainers in industry, business and the military; and as instructional designers. Faculty members in the School of Education who developed the program are gearing it for anyone working with curriculum development or professional training in educational settings.

“The course work emphasizes instructional design and technology knowledge and skills, and is

fundamentally grounded in educational research, theory, principles and practice,” noted Carter-Wells.

Prior to beginning instruction, students attend a two-day on-campus orientation. They return midway through the program for a 1 1/2-day campus symposium to review their progress toward completing the final project. “Both of these campus meetings are ways for students to get connected with fellow students, faculty members and campus support services,” said Carter-Wells.

Students will be spending six to 10 hours a week to complete each course. Completion of 10 courses is required for the degree.

Courses in the program include “Survey of Educational Research,” “Instructional Design Issues for Technology-Based Instruction,” “Instructional Approaches in Learning and Cognition,” “Web Development for Teaching and Learning” and “Planning, Designing, Developing and Evaluating Technology-Based Instruction.”

“Having these skills helps improve teaching and learning at all levels, and it makes training, teaching and learning a more effective and more positive experience,” noted Timothy D. Green, assistant professor of elementary and bilingual education and acting director of distance education.

Courses will be taught by faculty members from the departments of Educational Leadership, Reading, Secondary Education, Special Education, and Elementary and Bilingual Education.

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