Broadband Communications: A New Way Of Learning

June 12, 2001

A revolutionary new web site is now available for teachers throughout the United Kingdom. Designed by Nottingham-based Broadband Communications, than the several dozen a conventional search engine may have highlighted. The site gathers relevant documents from sources approved by the DfEE.

Standard search facilities, an index of useful sites, easy access to the latest educational news and an educational links section complete the simple, streamlined presentation.

The unique Teachers’ Assistant is far more than just a graphic trick, as Broadband design director Robert Mitchell explained. “As soon as you get to the site, it’s clear how the navigation works. It is an incredibly easy way to search for information and will allow teachers to move quickly to the exact information they require. That simplicity was critical, not only because of the sheer weight of information involved but also because many teachers are not yet fully au fait with the web.”

Every day someone is claiming to have done something new on the Internet, but this is a genuinely new way of gathering focussed information and it’s our educational system which will benefit.”

Teachernet is one of the latest high profile projects to be completed by Broadband Communications as it continues a period of rapid and consistent expansion.

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