Bringing Science and Math to Your Classroom

August 19, 2004

FREE, videoconferencing resources such as NASA LIVE™ (Learning Interactively through Videoconferencing Experiences) give students the opportunity to interact with NASA experts in a virtual setting. Produced by NASA Langley’s Center for Distance Learning, in Hampton, Virginia, NASA LIVE™ offers FREE videoconferencing programs for K–12 teachers and students to (1) provide opportunities for learning, instructional enrichment, and professional development and (2) help participants connect science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) related content to NASA research and careers.

NASA LIVEâ„¢ events feature 30- to 60-minute videoconferences that incorporate multimedia and hands-on activities that enrich classroom instruction. Each videoconference allows teachers and students to establish real-world connections with NASA experts and learn from the engineers and scientists who play important roles in events such as the Mars Exploration Rovers mission. Other exciting topics relate to (1) biological flight, (2) math and model making, (3) weather and satellites, (4) rocketry, (5) careers, and more. For additional information about NASA LIVEâ„¢ from available topics to how to request your own topic, visit the NASA LIVEâ„¢ website at

Before choosing your topic, make sure you have the right technology. The recommended technology requirement to participate in a NASA LIVEâ„¢ event is an Integrated Systems Digital Network (H.320) or Internet Protocol (H.323) based videoconferencing system with connectivity ranging from 128 – 786 kbps.