BNH Expert Software Inc. Announces the Release of ADVISOR Enterprise

March 13, 2002

BNH Expert Software Inc. – developer of

the leading media selection and return on investment (ROI) tool ADVISOR – announced

today the release of ADVISOR Enterprise – a business planning tool to help organizations

manage and optimize training budgets and resources.

ADVISOR Enterprise provides clear, accurate and comprehensive analysis of the

cost of training/learning activities. With data from all courses residing in

a central database, managers at various levels can easily determine how much

money and resources are required to run one or multiple training programs, gain

required skills and competencies, find out where money is being spent (salaries,

travel, etc.), how to maximize impact of training while reducing costs, and

so on? Moreover, ADVISOR Enterprise is Internet based; i.e. users can access

at anytime and from anywhere with only a Browser.

ADVISOR Enterprise is a significant development because for the first time

we have a tool for managing training as a business unit and not a cost center.

According to Training Magazine 2001 Industry Report and The 2000 ASTD Learning

Outcomes Report, a US organization with 2,500 employees spends on average $875,000

annually on formal training and an additional $4.4 million in resources, overhead

and equipment for a total of $5.25 million. ADVISOR Enterprise can reduce costs

and maximize the impact of training by assessing build versus buy decisions,

evaluate alternate delivery options as well as their impact on the organization.

A 10% annual savings, in this case, would translate into $525,000. Moreover,

by focusing on required skills and competencies, ADVISOR Enterprise can lead

to increased productivity, revenue, and market share as well as reductions in

employees’ turnover, operating or legal costs, which can lead to significant

impact on the organization’s bottom line.

How can ADVISOR help?

ADVISOR provides a simple, practical and scalable system to manage training

budgets and resources, while maximizing their impact on the organization. It

is based on scientific principles, supported by extensive research and produces

measurable results. ADVISOR:

  • Reduce Training Expenditures and Uncover the Cost of Doing Business
  • Optimize Budgets – ADVISOR determines the most economical blend of delivery

    options that meets organization, learning and learner’s needs.

  • Leverage Resources – ADVISOR estimates resources required by various delivery

    options to design, develop, deliver, administer, manage and support various

    training programs.

  • What if Scenario – With ADVISOR you can carry out an unlimited number of

    what if scenarios to evaluate the most cost-effective way to design, develop,

    deliver, administer, manage and support various training programs.

  • Improve Budget/Resource Management – ADVISOR provides detailed breakdown

    of the costs and resources required by various training programs. This in-turn

    provides a valuable tool for identifying opportunities for savings.

  • Align Training with Organizational Goals – ADVISOR minimizes duplication

    and waste by establishing a clear link between training programs and organizational

    goals. In other words, identify and eliminate programs that have minimal impact

    on the bottom line.

  • Improve Productivity and Time to Market/Competency
  • Utilize Effective Delivery Methods – ADVISOR rates the ability of various

    delivery options in meeting organizational, learning and learners’ needs.

  • Minimize Lost Opportunities – ADVISOR determines the impact of various delivery

    options on lost productivity and missed opportunities.

  • Reduce Time to Market/Competency – ADVISOR determines time, cost and resources

    required to develop various skills/competencies – train sales, support and

    maintenance staff, for example – which in-turn can lead to an increase in

    potential revenue and a decrease in operating costs.

Reposition Training as a Profit Center

  • ADVISOR computes the costs of developing various skills/competencies and

    their impact on the organization bottom line.

"Developing effective, high impact training strategies is not a simple

task. Hundreds of factors can impact your decision and there are many options

to choose from. If you are not considering alternate options for developing

required skills/competencies, you could be wasting employees’ valuable time

and hundreds of thousands of dollars. ADVISOR Enterprise tracks the costs and

benefits of all training programs/activities; makes it easy to evaluate plausible

combinations for the delivery of training and presents the most economical blend

that meets your needs" said J. (Jay) Bahlis, President of BNH Expert Software

Inc. And because you are using ADVISOR, you can generate a solid business case

to document and support your recommendations.

For additional information, please click on the following link

or contact Teresa Madigan at (800) 747-4010 x 39.

About BNH Expert Software:

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with business goals. We are result oriented. We offer a wide range of products,

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managing training budgets/resources, measuring impact on bottom line as well

as identifying ways of reducing costs and improving productivity. Our products,

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