(SM), will soon be unveiling a new homepage

February 1, 2001 – Free Course Creation

Similar to the CourseSites channel, this area will enable instructors to create

a course Web site using the Blackboard e-Learning platform to supplement

classroom instruction or teach an entire course online. The service remains

free to instructors and students with enhanced course services available at

an annual fee. Students can access courses their instructors have placed

online or enroll in courses open to anyone.

Blackboard Resource Centers

The Resource Centers provide users with access to thousands of full-text journal articles, robust educational content from hundreds of publishers, and

discipline-specific news and tutorials. Specifically, users will be able to

access this content through four distinct centers: Academic Resource Center,

Instructor Center, Course Content Center, and Support Center.

Blackboard 5 (TM) – Course and Portal Software

This area provides users with information about our e-Learning enterprise software platform that encompasses course management, a customizable institution-wide portal, online campus communities, and advanced architecture supporting integration with multiple administrative systems.

Blackboard CampusWide (TM) – Commerce and Access System

Here users will find information about our new Commerce and Access solutions

which enable institutions to establish and manage accounts for a stored value

card system and security access. Commerce and Access products allow for the

processing of financial transactions through an ID card, the Web, or a

Blackboard-powered e-Learning portal, and manage everything from facility access to user identification.

All of the features with which you are familiar (including the

course creation service, resource centers, and communities) will still be

accessible from our homepage, but the new design will enable us to better direct users to all aspects of our business.