Blackboard Inc. and Trivantis Announce Partnership

June 21, 2001

Blackboard Inc. recently announced a new partnership with Trivantis Corporation a provider of e-Learning technologies and content development services for educational institutions and corporate learning environments.

Blackboard and Trivantis are both strong supporters of e-Education standards and through this agreement plan to work cooperatively to support them.

Trivantis’ Lectora Publisherand is an offline-authoring tool that allows Blackboard customers to create fully interactive courses that can be easily posted to Blackboard. Instructors can readily create e-Education content because Lectora eliminates the need for programming skills. Information on Lectora is available in the Blackboard Resource Center(SM), Blackboard’s online aid to academic research, designed to enhance and enrich the learning experience.

“The College of Education at The University of Cincinnati uses Lectora everyday in conjunction with Blackboard. Lectora’s drag and drop interface gives professors, as well as students, the means to create high quality e-Learning courses, class projects and student teaching portfolios. In one example, Blackboard and Lectora will be two key applications we are going to use next year for our new Criminal Justice Distance Education Program. I am delighted that Blackboard and Trivantis are committed to working together through their partnership,” said Jeffry Gordon, professor at The University of Cincinnati.

“Lectora offers an unmatched combination of ease of use, flexibility and power. Just as chalk is the perfect compliment to an instructor using a traditional blackboard, Lectora is the perfect compliment to instructors using the modern Blackboard,” said Tom Elmer, director of educational sales for Trivantis. “By teaming up with Blackboard and their industry-leading, user-friendly software platform, we are able to help keep instructors focused on what is most important education – not technology.”

“At Blackboard, we constantly seek to provide our customers with the best possible products and services,” said Todd Gibby, general manager of Blackboard’s Course & Portal Solutions business. “By working with Trivantis, we are able to offer our customers a viable, best-of-breed authoring tool to help them make their e-Education efforts more efficient and effective.”

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