Bethel Park Selects CompassLearning™ as Part of Long-range Plan to Integrate Technology into the Classroom

April 30, 2001

SAN DIEGO, CA—The Bethel Park School District has entered into an agreement with CompassLearning™ to provide standards-based curriculum and assessment software and companion professional development on 50 computers in each of the five elementary schools. This initiative is part of the District’s long-range plan to effectively integrate technology into the learning environment.

According to the District’s Technology Director, Tim Devlin, “The available technology has advanced considerably since we first began installing computers in the schools about a decade ago. Last year, the District established several objectives before making our technology decisions: upgrading dated hardware in the district; expanding technology access beyond the computer lab and providing a rich yet flexible instructional environment-from remediation to enrichment for the student-tailored to and complementing the existing curriculum objectives in each core instructional area.

“After a thorough review, we selected CompassLearning™ because it best satisfied our long-term objectives. CompassLearning™ software provides important continuity with the District’s existing curriculum. Its instruction and assessment components help teachers and students prepare for the annual Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA) and the nationally-normed Terra Nova. The 150 days of onsite staff development will both equip teachers with the integration methods plus contribute to their Act 48 credit hours.

“CompassLearning™ provides us with an electronically delivered simulation of each test. Students take the simulated assessment, and, based on their results, the CompassLearning™ system automatically assigns each student appropriate lessons based his or her unique learning needs. This feature helps teachers to tailor student assignments to specific needs and abilities. Therefore, we know students are spending time learning objectives they don’t know, rather on the ones that they have mastered.

“CompassLearning™ also contains a reporting feature providing teachers and administrators with results of each student, group, class, and grade; their progress can also be measured in relationship to national and state standards.

“Teachers can also easily supplement their classroom instruction by selecting CompassLearning™ lessons that complement their daily instruction, so instruction is logical and consistent with each teacher’s lesson plans.

“CompassLearning™ flexibility allows us to redesign our technology infrastructure to better meet the needs of Bethel Park. Our plan calls for upgrading the computer labs with 32 new Dell personal computer workstations. In addition, PCs will be deployed and networked in the classrooms; we will be moving towards more school community access through the Internet. We want to facilitate learning to take place anytime, anywhere—at school and at home.

“All of the school reform research proves that thorough teacher training is essential to ensure good teaching. With that in mind, we developed a comprehensive training program for our staff with CompassLearning™ professional development consultants providing on-site training at a prototype lab. We are on the fast-track to a full-implementation for school year 2001-2002.”

Mark Hubble, President of CompassLearning™ said, “We are honored that CompassLearning™ has been selected by the Bethel Park School District as a partner in their mission to prepare all students to graduate with the skills mandated by the district and the state.”

Bethel Park School District is located in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. The district provides educational services for approximately 5,300 students.

CompassLearning™ curriculum products are based on the collaborative efforts of nationally recognized experts and meet the standards of organizations such as the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, National Council of Teachers of English, the National Science Foundation, and the National Assessment of Educational Progress. The software is a result of research on effective learning styles, teaching techniques, and current pedagogy of each curricular area.

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