Australian Journal of Educational Technology

November 9, 2000

Table of Contents

Roger Atkinson
Editorial iii-iv

Robyn Lawson and Christine de Matos
Information technology skills in the workplace: Implications for Bachelor of Arts degrees 87-103

Teng Liaw, Gregor Kennedy, Mike Keppell, John Marty and Ruth McNair
Using multimedia to assist students with communication skills and biopsychosocial integration: An evaluation 104-125

Robert Lyall and Suzanne McNamara
Learning tool or potplant stand? Students’ opinions of learning from a CAL program in a distance education context 126-146

Rob Phillips and Joe Luca
Issues involved in developing a project based online unit which enhances teamwork and collaboration 147-160

Slava Kalyuga
When using sound with a text or picture is not beneficial for learning 161-172

Robin Mason and Martin Weller
Factors affecting students’ satisfaction on a web course 173-200