ATutor 1.4.3 has been released.

February 7, 2005

ATutor is an Open Source Web-based Learning Content Management System (LCMS), designed with accessibility and adaptability in mind. Interoperable content packaging for creating and reusing learning objects.

Current ATutor users are encouraged to upgrade their systems to take advantage of the many new features that have been added to this release.

Visit the ATutor site for full details:

New in ATutor 1.4.3

Forum Upgrades: System wide and shared forums for communication across courses. Create communities around groups of course forums, or around an entire ATutor course server. Alumni participation in course forums. Subscribe to general forums or course forums, or subscribe to specific topic threads to receive messages by email. Quickly access current forum messages through the Forum Posts menu module.

File Manager Upgrades: Create new text or html files online, move individual files or batches of files, and use the file manager while editing ATutor content pages or test items.

Enrollment Manager Overhaul: Create, import, and export course enrollment lists, and manage enrolled students and alumni. New tabbed display for managing student information, managing course lists, managing roles and privileges, as well as creating and managing groups.

Language Overhaul: Language management has been completely re-designed. Translate, import, and export language from within your own ATutor installation. Support for the UTF-8 character set. ATutor is available in more than 30 languages.

Backup Manager: Administrator and Instructor Backup Manager. Create master copies of courses. Manage multiple backups per course and restore only material you specify into existing and newly created courses.

Question Database:Create tests by adding questions to, and retrieving questions from, a test item repository.

Test/Survey Manager Upgrade: Create image based test items, arrange multiple choice questions vertically or horizontally, assign tests to a class, to groups, or to individual students, analyse test data and generate statistics.

Theme Manager: Easily copy, import, and export ATutor themes.

RSS Feeds: Syndicate ATutor course announcements to display them on remote Web sites.

New Feedback and Error Handling: Redesigned, modular, user feedback system. Improved logging, tracking, and presentation of system errors for debugging and troubleshooting ATutor installations.

Embed ACollab: Embed ACollab into ATutor, or open it in a new window to participate in course group activities.

System Announcements: Administrators can send email announcements to all instructors and/or students registered on an ATutor system.

Easy Enrollment: Students can now enroll in courses through the Browse Courses screen.

ATutor 1.4.3 Demo

ATutor 1.4.3 Download

ATutor HowTo 1.4.3 (Documentation)

Translator Call ATutor translators are encouraged to login to the ATutor Translation site and update any new or updated language for the 1.4.3 release. Translators may choose to download partial language packs and translate on their own ATutor installation if they prefer. After translating on a local ATutor system, please export a language pack and send it to to include in the central language database.

ATutor Translator Login