AT&T Broadband Offers Home Networking For AT&T Broadband Internet Users

January 18, 2002

AT&T Broadband Internet customers wanting to maximize their high-speed cable Internet connections can link multiple home PCs together with the company’s easy-to-install wired and wireless home networking solutions, AT&T Broadband said today.  The home networking hardware solutions are being provided and supported by Linksys, a leader in networking, Internet sharing, and mobile computing.

According to a survey entitled “Connecting the Home: Home Networking Market Forecast and Analysis, 1999-2004,” about 22 million U.S. households have a second computer. Home network users discover that when they link multiple home computers they get more use from their second PC.  In a networked environment, multiple users can share a single Internet connection that provides each computer with high-speed service provided by AT&T Broadband Internet.  With a home network, users also can share files instantly without having to carry disks between computers as well as share printers and other devices.

“AT&T Broadband’s home networking solutionis a major step in evolving the broadband home,” said Scott Russell, product director for AT&T Broadband.  “At AT&T Broadband, we’re committed to offering innovative solutions to our customers so they can make the most of their broadband connections.”

AT&T Broadband Internet users can link up to five computers via a wireless or wired solution.  Users may want to install the 802.11b Wi-Fi certified wireless home network if they have computers in different rooms or want the flexibility to roam anywhere at home.  The wireless solution is the easiest way to get a home network up and running.   Wired solutions are best for users who have multiple computers and devices in one room or need Fast Ethernet speeds of 100mbps between computers.

Self-installation typically takes about 30 minutes for the experienced computer user.  Linksys provides free 24×7 technical support for customers who need assistance.

“This is an exciting time to see home networking become part of AT&T Broadband’s integrated solution. Providing a solution together demonstrates both company’s commitments to offering a complete package that enhances the broadband experience,” said Linksys vice president Janie Tsao.

AT&T Broadband’s home networking solution can save users money because the solution requires the user to have only one cable modem.  Customers pay about $45.95 for AT&T Broadband Internet service and the lease of a cable modem.  Customers can add up to four additional computers for $4.95 each.  The additional fee gives each computer a unique IP address allowing simultaneous access to the Internet.

Customers can learn about and purchase the home-network solution online at  The cost of the solution can vary depending on the number of computers and the type of solution a customer chooses.  A wireless home network solution linking two computers will cost less than $350. Currently, customers receive free shipping when they order online and typically receive their package within 48 hours.

About AT&T Broadband

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