At Last, An Agent for Online Instructors and Developers!

August 22, 2005

Course Agent, LLC

Course Agent develops and delivers high quality online courses, seminars and workshops in formats that are designed to meet client needs.

Unlike publishers and software companies, Course Agent is not a content seller. It is a broker for e-learning developers and providers. It represents college and university professors, K-12 teachers, corporate trainers, and other professionals who wish to lease or sell their educational materials directly to institutions and organizations that operate e-learning programs.

Like talent and literary agents, Course Agent assists in negotiating equitable agreements for its clients within a framework that cultivates positive relationships between sellers and buyers. Course Agent relies on a continuous feedback loop to improve upon content and a sophisticated, yet accessible, rating system to assist clients in evaluating courses.

The company represents individual clients–instructors and developers who have written online course content–at no charge.