Arizona Approves Online Masters And Doctoral Program For School Administrators

June 29, 2001

Minneapolis, June 22 – The Arizona State Board for Private Post-Secondary Education today announced that Capella University’s online program satisfies the educational component required by the state to apply for certification to serve as a principal or superintendent.

The announcement makes Arizona the first state to formally recognize an online degree in education administration in the certification process for elementary and secondary school administrators. Additionally, the announcement has broad implications for the use of online education throughout the country.

The approval of the program from Capella, the fastest-growing fully online university, means that a master’s or a doctoral degree in education administration from Capella University will carry the same weight as a degree earned from any approved college or university program within Arizona, including Arizona State University and the University of Arizona. After completing Capella’s program and passing the required state test, students may apply for Arizona certification.

In addition, because Arizona has reciprocity agreements with many other states, the program will have much broader reach than just within the state of Arizona. After receiving Arizona certification, a person could be authorized to serve as a principal or superintendent in any state with a reciprocity agreement.

“Today is a big day for Capella University, our learners and online education in general,” said Dr. Michael Offerman, president of Capella University. “By approving our curriculum, the state of Arizona is recognizing the quality of a Capella University education. Through this agreement, we can now provide a new, convenient way for learners to complete the education necessary to seek certification to serve as principals or superintendents.”

Approval of Capella’s online curriculum is a response to the growing difficulty of finding qualified principals and superintendents , especially in rural locations. Across the state, Arizona has many administrative positions that are unfilled. Candidates for these positions must have state certification.

“The education administration program at Capella University will enable many committed educators to work towards certification while still being able to fulfill their professional and personal obligations,” said Dr. Phillip Corkill, Capella University’s Arizona coordinator and former superintendent of the Flowing Wells School District in Arizona. “The curriculum at Capella is rigorous and thoroughly prepares students for the certification exam.”

“Throughout our history, Capella University has focused on making quality education more accessible for the adult learner,” said Offerman, who recently joined Capella University after serving for seven years as the top adult education figure at the University of Wisconsin. “The stamp of approval from the state of Arizona really validates our efforts and we look forward to doing our part to alleviate the principal and superintendent shortage, nationwide.”

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