Applying a framework to evaluate assignment marking software: a case study on Lightwork

May 18, 2012


This article presents the findings of a qualitative evaluation on the effect of a specialised software tool on the efficiency and quality of assignment marking. The software, Lightwork, combines with the Moodle learning management system and provides support through marking rubrics and marker allocations. To enable the evaluation a framework has been developed that is based on an extensive literature review and interviews with academics in tertiary settings. The framework introduces key factors that are crucial to educationally sound and efficient assignment marking. The use of Lightwork is compared to the prior experiences of participants who used either electronic- or paper-based approaches. The findings are analysed using the framework. The study indicates that Lightwork is well suited to support efficient, high quality assignment marking. It is suggested that the evaluation framework can be used for future studies in this area.

Research in Learning Technology

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