Announcing eLit 2004 and Call for Proposals

February 12, 2004

‘eLit’ has a unique focus: eLiteracy, the whole range of skills and intellectual abilities needed to use the new technologies underpinning learning and life in the modern world.

Join us in New York at the third international conference on this theme, to help further our understanding of how and why the ability to be eLiterate is a key to learning across all educational sectors. Help us define what eLiteracy represents and encompasses – including computer literacy, information literacy, media literacy, thinking skills and learning skills.

The event will be based in the spacious and quiet St John’s University campus in the Queens district of New York City, readily accessible from downtown Manhattan. Please review our conference themes and join us, either as a presenter or delegate, next June to share knowledge and experience of furthering the issues of eLiteracy.

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