An inquiry into educational technologists’ conceptions of their philosophies of teaching and technology

April 6, 2013

It has been suggested that when we know our philosophy of teaching and technology we then have the ability to articulate not only what we are doing as educational technologists, but what we want to achieve with the technologies, and why. And while most educational technologists would agree that knowing our philosophical orientations is important, do educational technologists actually know, or can they accurately identify, their teaching and technology philosophical orientations? We sought to answer these questions by assessing the consistency between what educational technologists say in collegial deliberations and how they self-identify their philosophical orientations. The results of this exploratory study provide us with insights on how educational technologists construe their philosophical orientations of teaching and technology. Philosophies of teaching and technology are defined in this study as a conceptual framing that embodies certain values, attitudes and ideologies from which we view the multi-contextual facets of educational practice.

Canadian Journal of Learning and Teaching

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