Allan Rock Announces Ericsson Canada’s $60,000 Contribution to Create Innovative On-Line Student Projects

February 26, 2002

“Canada’s SchoolNet and its innovative e-learning initiatives are tools that will help Canada build a critical mass of highly skilled knowledge

workers,” said Minister Rock. “Through their contributions and support, organizations like Ericsson Canada play a pivotal role in helping our youth develop important skills to build our future workforce.”

“Ericsson is proud to sponsor SchoolNet GrassRoots, a program that

fosters qualities we consider important – perseverance, innovation and

dedication to excellence,” said Mark Henderson, President & CEO, Ericsson

Canada Inc. “Ericsson strongly believes in preparing today’s youth for the

challenges of tomorrow through its enabling technologies.”

The SchoolNet GrassRoots Program provides funding to schools to help students create on-line projects that develop skills in critical thinking and

teamwork, as well as in information and communication technology. The SchoolNet GrassRoots Program, together with its provincial, territorial and private-sector partners, has funded over 20,000 on-line learning projects

created by Canadian K-12 students and teachers.

In March 1999, the Prime Minister challenged Canada’s private sector to

match the Government of Canada’s contribution towards SchoolNet GrassRoots to

promote information and communication technology skills development and

e-learning in Canada’s youth. The SchoolNet GrassRoots National Campaign has

generated over $4 million in sponsorship from companies such as Microsoft, AOL Canada Inc., Cisco Systems Canada, Imperial Oil, CN and Ericsson Canada, the program’s latest contributor.

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