Alaska Online Adds Dynamic Interaction with Elluminate Live!

July 13, 2004

Pampano Beach, Florida., (July 12, 2004) Elluminate, Inc., a leading provider of live eLearning and Web conferencing solutions for the real-time organization, and the Alaska Online consortium, a Web-based K-12 program that delivers online courses statewide, announced today that Alaska Online has selected Elluminate Live! Academic Editionâ„¢ to add live discussion and dynamic interaction to its existing asynchronous distance learning program. Alaska Online joins the growing number of virtual schools throughout the U.S. using Elluminate Live! to provide synchronous eLearning technology and help meet the many challenges of the No Child Left Behind Act.

The mission of Alaska Online is to provide access to high-quality education for students regardless of their geographic location within the state. Initially, the consortium will offer Elluminate Live! to school districts to facilitate communication and administration and to teachers to provide virtual office hours, with a goal of incorporating the synchronous technology in their courses over time. In addition, Alaska Online will use the live eLearning solution to communicate with and train local mentor/advisors.

“More than half our schools are in remote locations, where Web-based course delivery is the only solution,” said Michael Opp, project director for Alaska Online. “Our number one requirement was to add Voice over IP technology. We evaluated a number of vendors, and Elluminate Live! offered exceptional reliability, even with satellite communications and 56K modems. We spent close to two years testing products. During that time technology advanced, and Elluminate advanced farther than the others. I’m a big fan of Elluminate Live!. I think it will change education.”

“We are extremely pleased to help Alaska Online meet its objective of providing high-quality education for all students, regardless of location,” said Maurice Heiblum, Elluminate’s VP of Sales & Marketing. “At Elluminate, we are committed to assuming a leadership role in promoting live eLearning, ensuring that no learner, even those in remote locations, is left behind.”

About the Alaska Online Consortium
Alaska Online is a Web-based K-12 program delivering education excellence throughout the state. It allows students, parents, and staff to work as partners in planning and designing the course of study that best meets the needs of each learner. The consortium uses computer technology to gain access to vast curricular resources on the Internet, providing a rich learning environment and access to peers, educators, and experts from around the world. The Alaska Online curriculum assures quality coursework to meet the Alaska Content Standards as it prepares students for success in the 21st century.

About Elluminate, Inc.
Elluminate, Inc. provides live eLearning and Web conferencing solutions for the real-time organization. Its No User Left Behindâ„¢ technology design ensures the best user experience for all through superior-quality VoIP, communications that are in-sync regardless of connection speed, broad cross-platform support, and advanced yet easy-to-use ESP Moderator Tools. Elluminate products create a rich, collaborative environment for live remote training and online meetings, all while delivering lower upfront costs and strong ROI. Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and Pompano Beach, Fla., Elluminate serves corporate and academic organizations such as T-Mobile, Interstate Hotels and Resorts, Penn State University, Johns Hopkins University and many more. For more information, visit