Akiva Launch to Offer Idea Management for the Enterprise

February 28, 2002

Akiva, a new enterprise resulting from the merger of ChatSpace and MindCruiser, was officially launched today as a

supplier of Idea Management software and related services for corporate enterprise

clients. Eric Olinger, formerly ChatSpace CEO, will head the new company. Akiva

integrates MindCruiser’s knowledge management software with ChatSpace’s award-winning

community and conferencing software and consulting services. This unique combination

of consulting, software, service, and support provides enterprises, both large

and small, a cost effective and reliable way to gather, evaluate, and act on

new ideas for faster growth and improved profitability.

"This merger brings together two of the leaders in community and knowledge

management to create a player who is truly poised to supply companies with the

Idea Management solutions that they need," noted Jonathan B. Spira, Chief

Analyst at research firm Basex. "Akiva provides a system that allows what

I call ‘knowledge accidents’ to occur across the enterprise; creating the many

innovations that build successful companies."

Existing customers of ChatSpace and MindCruiser will continue to be served

under the new company through its respective divisions. Akiva’s Community Products

Division will offer ChatSpace® and WebBoard™, the number-one selling

chat and message board products. The Enterprise Solutions Division will offer

MindCruiser’s Idea Exchange Platform (IEP); software for constructing Idea Management

systems. Akiva’s newly formed Professional Services Division will provide integration,

customization, and support services for all products to maximize the benefits

of Idea Management systems in client organizations.

"New ideas are plentiful, but research has shown that few companies have

well defined Idea Management processes," said Eric Olinger, president of

Akiva. "New ideas fuel innovation, which, in today’s economic environment,

is a strategic imperative. We are in a unique position to be able to offer the

tools needed by organizations to capture new ideas, develop them and quickly

put them to work. This methodology fosters innovation throughout the organization."

Akiva’s products and services build upon a robust technology platform that

facilitates idea generation and creates a process that moves innovative concepts

rapidly into the enterprise. Based on the way people interact, and on proven

idea generation tool kits, the technology encourages communication and incorporates

features such as real-time collaboration, document and process management, community

networking and knowledge sharing.

"At IEEE, we are trying to create extraordinary learning experiences for

our members and customers that allows them to create, develop, integrate, share,

and apply knowledge about electrical and information technologies and sciences

for the benefit of humanity and the profession," said Matt Loeb, staff

director of Corporate Strategy and Communications. "Akiva

is helping us accomplish this through the development of virtual learning communities

which facilitate idea creation, exchange and collaboration. This effort has

the potential to dramatically change the way we have traditionally operated

our organization and the way our members and customers learn."

About Akiva

Akiva is an innovator of idea management software and services that help organizations

connect ideas for results. Akiva’s technology and services enable enterprises

to collect ideas from employees, customers, partners and suppliers to dramatically

improve business performance through rapid innovation and reduced expenses.

The company publishes the number-one selling WebBoard™ and ChatSpace®

products and provides professional services and enterprise solutions for the

financial, educational and the online community marketplaces. For more information,

visit http://www.akiva.com.

Akiva Press Contact:

Sarah Ray