A.D.A.M. Online Anatomy Goes Live

July 30, 2001

A.D.A.M., Inc. (Nasdaq: ADAM) a leading developer of consumer-patient health solutions for the healthcare industry, today launched A.D.A.M. Online Anatomy (AOA), a revolutionary clinical application that allows layer-by-layer dissection of both male and female anatomy through a web browser.

AOA is the Company’s next-generation technology based on its highly acclaimed digital dissection application in use by leading higher education institutions and medical schools around the world.

With the launch of AOA, the Company plans to aggressively exploit the benefits that web-based interactive anatomy provides to the healthcare market. AOA will be a distinguishing feature of A.D.A.M.’s “one-stop shop” health content solution for hospitals and other health care organizations seeking to engage patients with premium-quality resources on their web sites. AOA will be integrated with A.D.A.M.’s disease information centers, medical encyclopedia, medical news, and other offerings to give patients an unparalled understanding of the body and health conditions.

AOA’s underlying technology takes a user’s keywords and dynamically generates a clickable image that identifies anatomical structures and allows users to explore the relationships of organs and organ systems. The vastness of the application’s dataset, derived over a two-year period from A.D.A.M.’s original digital dissection application, makes it unlikely that other content providers would be able to duplicate the product’s functionality.

The public is invited to view A.D.A.M. Online Anatomy for a limited time at http://anatomy.adam.com.

AOA also will be marketed as a service to health technology and content providers, who can generate a near unlimited number of anatomical views from the product’s database. By generating images as-needed for online documents, the product provides a capability similar to the way street maps are imbedded into documents based on address coordinates. The Company believes there are long-range clinical applications for electronic medical records, informed consent, therapy instruction and compliance, and surgical procedure documentation.

In addition to applications for AOA in healthcare, AOA is being used by courseware developers for distance learning and electronic education. AOA is also being deployed as a supplemental curriculum with leading anatomy textbooks to enhance the students’ learning experience and retention.

A.D.A.M. Online Anatomy Facts

  • Over 5,000 anatomical terms representing approximately 20,000

    identifiable structures

  • Both male and female anatomy in anterior, posterior, medial,

    and lateral views

  • Over 2,000 individual anatomical layers

  • 56 million data points that can be searched almost instantaneously

  • 250,000 individual image files

    With the release of AOA, A.D.A.M. continues its tradition of creating original, industry-leading products that help users understand complex health and medical information.