A Faculty Observation Model for Online Instructors: Observing Faculty Members in the Online Classroom

July 26, 2013

Maintaining academic standards, retention of quality online instructors and establishing a measure for instruction can be enhanced through faculty observation and evaluation. As Park University entered the online market, the increased course offerings involved an increased number of adjunct faculty members. In order to ensure that these faculty members used best practices and maintain high standards of teaching that are important to student satisfaction, Park University developed an evaluation process for online adjunct faculty that was similar to in-class observation of full-time faculty, but focused on unique factors of online course facilitation. The focus of this paper is on the evolution and current usage of the Faculty Online Observation (FOO) method which is a model for evaluation developed from utilizing the original evaluation system used in annual observations for online adjunct faculty. The FOO process that is used by a team of evaluators ensures that Best Practices in online teaching are addressed continuously in the online delivery program. The focus on Best Practices, specific institutional policies of online teaching, and technology plays a significant role in the growth of online degree programs and the success of the Park University online program.

Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration

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